Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Writing Challenge

So, I've issued a challenge to myself to write for about an hour every day about a random subject.  The goal is about 350 words.  I did this because I was thinking yesterday, why, I bet I could write 350 words about anything. Those concrete post barriers along the road, for example.  Then I realized I could probably go on for 10 pages about the concrete post barriers along the road, or more--once you factor in the history of concrete, the history of reinforced concrete and the history of road travel safety, it's a book in itself.  So I did decide that the subjects would have to be extremely random and extremely narrow, like "tree bark."  But who knows?  Maybe next NaNoBoMo I'll try concrete post road barriers.  It'll take more than a month but it would be fun. And ultimately I should work up to longer pieces.  I'm not afraid of a blank sheet of paper, and can start any topic pretty quickly and easily, but I am overwhelmed by the idea of length and organizing a great lot of material.  I suspect you accomplish it much in the same way I am doing here, except that instead of a different subject every day, it's the same subject.  You chip away at it, as it were.  I think I'll start with the different subject every day first, though.  It'll improve my mental dexterity and creativity.  I mean, you'd have to get a bit creative writing 350 words on tree bark, am I right? 

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