Friday, November 18, 2016

World Toilet Day

     You guys, it's World Toilet Day! If a toilet's not worth 350 words, what is?
    Think about all the diseases toilets have saved us from. If they'd had toilets in the Middle Ages, the plague wouldn't have wiped out half the population. I mean, it would still have wiped out at least a quarter--it's spread by rats--but surely some would have been spared. And cholera! Think about all the cholera attacks in the 19th century.
     So would you and I even exist if toilets had been around in the Middle Ages? Would the world exist? See, what I'm thinking is, if the plague and cholera didn't wipe out masses of civilization periodically over centuries, the industrial revolution would have happened *sooner* and we would have depleted the ozone layer by, say, 1850. The oceans would have risen by a foot by 1900 and who knows where we'd be note--or if we'd be?
     But a good sized portion of the world still doesn't have adequate sanitation. No toilets, no septic tanks, no cesspools, no sewage systems. Hence World Toilet Day. And if we're being honest, most of those un-sanitary places are in really, really hot parts of the world, where sanitation is even more important. So if you're thinking about your year-end donations, you might want to make one to an organization that brings sanitation to the 3rd world. Matt Damon's H2OAfrica Fund I believe specializes in clean water, which is closely linked to good sanitation, so that's a candidate. Lifewater, and The Water Project are also options.

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