Wednesday, August 24, 2016


This weekend was a sad one as I attended the wake and funeral for a young man who should still be with us.  I took two lovely walks with new pup Gigi, one to a mown meadow by the ocean and another to a pond flanked by bogs.  She got some swimming practice in:

On Friday, I volunteered at the local summer fair.  I'll be there again on Wednesday morning, and in the spinning bee next weekend.

And on Sunday, I did laundry, laid around the house and binge-watched Orange is the New Black.  I know I'm about 4 years late but I'm glad I finally started watching it. 

According the the Boston Globe, knitting while bingewatching Netflix is an Official Trend, which, I believe, makes me a trendsetter.  Or at least trendy.  Which is completely ridiculous.   People have been knitting and watching TV since TV happened. 

This is probably a sign that paisley bellbottoms are coming back for fall or something.

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