Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Most Ironic Thought

I worked on my feet all day at a pumpkin sale, and when I got home I sat down at my spinning wheel and thought how decadent it was that I had nothing better to do than spin fiber into yarn. It probably helped that I was spinning tussah silk from Spunky Eclectic, but still. Just another reminder that a few generations from now vacuum cleaners will be quaint Olden Time living room decor and people will clean house for fun. Please, please let this be within my lifetime! I'll park my broken-down Miele right under the Bombay Sapphire circulating fountain I intend to build in my living room when I grow infirm, so I don't have to risk breaking a hip to get my martini.


Beverly said...

Spunky Eclectic tussah silk...a perfect reason to spin!

Lucia said...

I've been wondering if in a few generations people will need to spin their own yarn again. There's only so much oil down there.