Monday, December 14, 2009

Total Mitten Mayhem!

For the past month, month-and-a-half, I have knit nothing but mittens.

It started with this scrumptious Cherry Red String Theory sock yarn. It was just too pretty to use for socks. I wanted a Public View Accessory (PVA) . I don't wear scarves--despite knitting, like, four of them last year--so it had to be mittens. Well, it could have been gloves, but I'm a mitten girl.

I started with a cabled cuff and winged it from there. First I tried traveling cables diagonally across the mitten top, but my hands are quite small so I only got the cables halfway across the mitten top before I had to cast off. Did I let that deter me? Nope, I tried it AGAIN, starting just above the thumb, but still only got 3/4 of the way across the mitten before cast off. (Both these attempts were immediately frogged without photos, which I regret now, because they looked really silly).

So I went back to the base of the thumb and started anew. This time, I decided to send a 1/1 twist up the sides of the thumb, all the way to the top. It looked okay, so I kept it:

I liked the yarn so much I ran out and bought more, determined to have a green pair of fingerless mitts. I had made a pair of fingerless mitts last year with a cable motif at the top. The yarn was scratchy and hard and the cable motif was too tight, so they needed a redo:

These have exactly the woodland nymph look I wanted. They are the most satisfactory thing I've knit in a long time. The idea in my head made it to the finished object for once.

Then, my tennis buddy got me reading the Twilight books, because she is a total Twihard. So over Thanksgiving, I read Twilight books and knit two pairs of Bella's mittens for her for a gift. Then I liked them so much I knit myself a pair. Mine are the hot pink ones.

But wait, there's more! Hooked on the String Theory PVAs, I decided to knit my aunt a pair of mittens for Christmas. I wasn't completely happy with the 1/1 cable up the side of the red mitten, so I tweaked it a bit, crossing it again above the thumb and decreasing to one cable at the top.

The blue will go nicely with grey hair, no?


Carole Knits said...

And the pattern for those mittens is WHERE? I'm knitting a pair of Bella's for Hannah - you inspired me.

Laurie said...

NICE experiments. I wish you had taken a picture of the failures. Or pseudofailures.

Manise said...

THose are great and happy for you that you finally got what you wanted in your mitts and mittens.

claudia said...

That is ALOT of mittens. One could certaintly use them tonight...

melanie said...

Those are Totally.Awesome. Want.