Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I know this is going to sound very shallow and materialistic, but I am thankful for

1) money. My hubby and I are both employed, can pay the bills, and can buy extras without stress. I see a lot of people who are struggling to pay the bills, getting laid off, or having their work hours reduced. I am literally grateful every day that we are not in that situation. (yet).

2) not being materialistic. One of the reasons we can pay our bills is that we don't tend to buy a lot of stuff. Even close members of my family consider me cheap, but I don't like shopping, and I don't buy things unless I really want them. I live in a town where there's a lot of pressure to have the right accessories. People will fall behind on their bills, but buy a new car so no one suspects. I am doing billing today at work and I am staggered by the number of overdue notices I have to send out. It's at an all-time high. One of those customers just bought a new car. Another just bought a boat. I am very grateful that I just don't care what people think.

3) That said, I am thankful for the few things I have bought this year--like a sailboat--that have brought me hours of joy. And I'm thankful to the people who twisted my arm into making the purchase.

And now, I'm off to buy sock yarn. And I'm thankful for that, too.


Carole Knits said...

I don't think it's shallow at all. I think it's smart to be thankful about money.

Laurie said...

For millennia, one of life's blessings has been enough of whatever the currency is, to barter for one's needs. No shame in that.

maryse said...

you bought a sailboat? awesome! i'm so glad you're happy with it.