Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Spinning Question

Back in the early '90s, the J Crew catalog went through a period of ridiculous color names. For instance, one of the shirts I bought, of a pale blue-grey color, was called "ozone." So in my head, this is the ozone yarn. Except it isn't quite "ozone" enough--the colors are more vivid than pale and opalescent. And the yardage is about 500 yards shy of the yardage I need.

I recently read Deb Menz''s "Color in Spinning." At the very end, she discusses plying your handspun with other colors rather than with itself. I liked the samples she gave and have decided I would very much like to ply this with a white single, to lighten the colors and gain yardage. Wouldn't that be pretty?

But I've already plied it against itself! How can I unply it and re-ply? Will it be a complete disaster of lost twist? Spinners, please help!


Laurie said...

No idea. Split the yarn, wind it around two bobbins, run two wheels clockwise to undo the ply simultaneously? I can't imagine most of it would result in a hideous tangle at some point. Do a small scale experiment on something you don't care about.

Lucia said...

I have no idea either -- but before you unply it, if you haven't already, I would try knitting a swatch with it. I once did what I believed to be a hideous handpaint dye job on a skein of sock yarn, and I was going to try overdyeing it in a solid color but decided to do a swatch first, just for laughs. Well, by the time I'd knit 3 rows I knew it was the prettiest swatch I'd ever seen. I've also had the opposite experience, gorgeous skein or ball becomes fugly swatch.