Monday, May 11, 2009

Stuff I Haven't Finished

I've been on a real knitting and spinning kick lately, probably because my house is strewn with the carcasses of half-completed projects. There are five unfinished sweaters, one of which shall be frogged; two unfinished pairs of socks; and one unfinished shawl.

Right now I am focusing on the shawl, because 1) there are so many more shawls I want to knit and 2) every time I put it down I forget the (very easy) pattern. It's the Handsome Triangle from Victorian Lace Today, in teal silk:

I did finish one pair of socks, my first Noro knitting! It is unfair to say that knitting with Noro sock yarn is like knitting with steel wool, but the stuff sure isn't soft. The colors, however, are luscious:
On the spinning front, I have been a tad intimidated by the two one-pound bags of roving I have sitting in the living room. So instead, I bit off something I could chew and spun up a 4 oz bundle of Spunky Eclectic merino/silk in the Dinosaur color that I bought at Spa. I got about 400 yards of mostly sock weight yarn.
After I finish up the shawl, I am going to finish my Siena cardigan, which needs only its buttonbands and collar. Only its buttonbands and collar, people! I could have been wearing it MONTHS ago, if not for my own startitis.

I am counting on you all to keep me honest. Going to NH Sheep and Wool this past weekend (sorry, camnesia) made me all the more aware of the dire situation. I'm not saying I can't buy anything until I empty out my house. I am saying I can't pick up anything new until I complete the old. I must start to finish things. Maybe this could be a new, reverse sort of startitis?


Carole Knits said...

You can do it! How can I help?

Manise said...

Yes you so can do it! Oooh Cummington is around the corner- you'd better get going ;-)It was awesome seeing you on Saturday! Nice shawl and skein too!

claudia said...

Carcasses. That's hysterical!

Laurie said...

I LOVE the carcass concept. Have bunches of those lying around, done bleeding and still lying around.

maryse said...

hi there!

i don't have half finished projects laying around, but i plenty of yarn.

see you next weekend?