Friday, January 02, 2009

Finished Object Semi-Roundup

I've actually done more than what you see here, but one's being frogged and another was frogged and is now in the finishing stages--only put on the back burner for last minute Christmas gifts THAT STILL AREN'T DONE.

First off, Bianca (Interweave Knits). Back when I got my spinning wheel, Toni from The Fold very kindly included a ton of some kind of springy, super-soft wool and silk slub blend. I spun it up but was concerned I wouldn't have enough for a sweater. Except I really, really wanted to use it for Bianca, so I did have to add a few colors. I call this my Neapolitan sweater because it reminds me of the ice cream quarts.

I love it. It's a very comfortable, Saturday sort of sweater, except it's more flattering than most of my Saturday sweaters. I ended up removing the buttons and fastening it with a pin instead. I have lots of pins so why not use them?

Next, two little bears. Back in October, my boss and his family went up to New Hampshire for the weekend. They stumbled across a sheep and wool festival, and they had heard me yammer about them for years so they stopped and walked around. Anyway, long story short, their daughter picked out a beautfiful bag of roving for me. The bag had three balls of blue/green merino and one snowy, fluffy ball of 100% brushed mohair. I thought it was so sweet of her to think of me that I wanted to make her and her little brother something from it. So I made bears. It's the Snowflake pattern from "The Knitted Teddy Bear" by Sandra Polley (great book, great way to use small balls of yarn). I made both bears (barely!!) from the one 3 oz ball of mohair. It was crappily spun but hopefully the kids haven't noticed.

left: boy bear; right: girl bear

I loved, loved, loved the Debbie Bliss Vogue Knitting book that came out this fall. I made the cabled vest shown on the cover and have the yarn on order for another sweater in it. I had to substitute yarn for the vest (Jo Sharp Ultra) and had to play a lot with the gauge. The Jo Sharp blows up like a puffer fish when you wash it. The first time I knit the vest it was huge (thank you puffer fish) and now on the second knitting it's a little small. But there will not be a third knitting. Lesson learned: wash your swatches.

I actually think this one looked better a little larger than a little too small, but if I knit it again (a possibility) it will be from Como, the specified yarn, and there will be no gauge fudging.

Lastly, the diagonally-cabled sweater from the fall Interweave Knits. I made some adjustments to this, because the sweater as shown on the model appeared to be ill-fitting. I shortened it, added waist shaping, made the shoulders slightly smaller and shortened the sleeves. I did not make the shoulders small enough. Otherwise I am pleased with it and wish I had not gotten foam insulation on the left breast the very first time I wore it.

FYI, apparently the only ways to remove foam insulation would be very damaging to the sweater. I'm hoping it will just sort of eventually wear off.

Did I mention I got a new camera? Perhaps you can tell that I am still learning how to use it.


Danielle said...

Your diagonal cabled sweater is fabulous! I hope the insulation wears off :(

claudia said...

Yay, Martha posted!

So, how did the foam get on the boob?

maryse said...

yay! martha's back!

Lucia said...

This would explain why you don't post very often... you are too busy knitting. Lovely sweaters, lovely bears.

grumperina said...

So happy to see that beautiful cabled sweater! It, too, caught my eye, and I'm hopeful it would look as good on me as it looks on you - gorgeous and flattering!