Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sweaters in the Wild!

"Now Jim, what do we have here?"

"Marlon, that's a Jean Frost jacket. It appears to be a juvenile, about 4 years old, judging by its vivid purple coloration. Their coats can fade as they age. Those sweaters can have quite lengthy life spans, depending on their environment."

"Jim, that sweater's coat appears to have an unusual texture. Can you tell us something about it?"

"It's Icelandic wool, Lopi to be exact. I'm not sure that sweater's been treated well; the yarn appears to be re-used from a previous attempt and may have sat in balls in a closet for a few years before becoming this sweater. Lopi is not the usual yarn specified for this sort of sweater, but it is inexpensive,toasty warm and, between Lopi and Lopi Lite, fits a variety of gauges."

"Jim, would you recommend such a sweater for daily use?"

"Probably not, Marlon. Sweaters made from Lopi are an excellent choice for bitter days when you will struggle to stay warm, but are perhaps too warm for the average situation. However, this sweater is a nice alternative for winter; a bit more stylish and sophisticated than your average Icelandic sweater but just as warm."

"Oh dear, Jim, it appears our conversation has frightened it off."

"Not to worry, Marlon. They tend to gather around the local watering hole this time of day. I'm sure that's where it's off to."

(What you can't tell from the photo: it's a standard blazer shape in reverse stockinette with lapels and set in sleeves. The book calls for it to be worn with a belt, but I'm not really the belt sort, so I put a clasp on instead. I did have to tack the lapels down to keep them from curling. I don't wear it very often, but it is handy for cold days when you want to wear something a little classier than a shapeless ski sweater, and I'm glad I have it.)


Carole Knits said...

Clever post!

maryse said...

jim is so brave. marlon is probably sitting in the land rover while jim does all of the dangerous work.

cute sweater and cute post.

Beth S. said...

Hooray for Lopi! So misunderstood, so under-appreciated. At least over here. I think there's nothing that can beat it on a cold day.

And that's a gorgeous clasp!

claudia said...

You totally crack me up. Thanks for showing a specimen in the wild!

Laurie said...

Looks very warm and very cozy. Funny presentation!