Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Things I Learned At Rhinebeck

1) I like mohair!

(1000 yds of mohair boucle, half price!)

2) There's always a sale. Really, I should stop justifying purchases by saying they were on sale. There's always a sale somewhere. (Just like it's 5:00 somewhere. But don't worry, I'm not throwing that baby out with the bathwater.)

3) When you spin mohair from the lock, you get really soft, really expensive FunFur. I'm not sorry I did it, because now I know the answer, but now there's a new question: what am I going to do with 3.5 oz of 100% mohair FunFur?

4) When you fill a two-room, two television hotel suite with Red Sox fans during a pivotal game, the next door neighbors may get cranky.

5) You will buy something, whether you intend to or not. (1.5 lbs of llama/Romney lamb roving, really a deep chocolate brown)

(a bag of silk and Corriedale cross roving)

6) Cheryl is a Fountain of Friendliness. No, really, she had this great insight, which is that we're all at this awkward stage where many of us know each other a little but perhaps not that confidently, and therefore we perhaps hang back in groups instead of going forth effusively to greet one another. So she decided she would be a Fountain of Friendliness and embrace one and all in a warm, inclusive and confident manner. Unfortunately, she told me this fabulous new policy which I immediately wanted to adopt after I had already slighted, like, pretty much everyone. Sorry!

Next year I too will be a Fountain of Friendliness and you'll all be like, "Who's this freaky stranger hugging me?"

And then I'll introduce myself as Seedstitch Cheryl.
(I kid, I kid!)


FemiKnitMafia said...

You were there??? And hung out with the same people I did? How in the hell did I miss you? Argh. And a little grrr... Clearly I'm a moron. Can we try again next year? Or perhaps at some point in the next 12 months? So sorry I missed you.

judy said...

You were wonderful and I had a great time talking with you.

Carole Knits said...

Does that mean that next year we'll be in YOUR posse instead of Cheryl's?

maryse said...

who are these people who book rooms rhinebeck weekend who aren't going to the festival?!! yankee fans?!!

i was definitely a fountain of sticking to myself wasn't i. i think the only person i spent any time with was femiknitmafia and that's because she was stalking me ;)

Manise said...

Oh you crack me up with #6!!! It was quite the buzz phrase of the weekend! I saw her in action.... hehehe. Still giggling about it. So good to see you and spend time with you!

Laurie said...

Martha, tea on screen with you introducing yourself as Cheryl. Terry told me about putting yourself out there two years ago, and I need to do it more. You are absolutely right.

Comb the mohair locks. SEriously. Is a set of combs, bought after Rhinebeck, because they were sold out at the vendor by the time I made my decision, count as a Rhinebeck purchase?

Beth S. said...

That silk/Corrie looks scrumptious! Like it would spin up into a yarn that looked like molten metal or something. Cool.

Cheryl said...

Hahahaha! That totally cracked me up!

claudia said...

How could I have completely missed you all weekend?

cindy said...

I was part of the noise in number 4!!! We must have raised a ruckus that night. It paid off now that the Sox are the World Series champs!!!!

I had a great time!

Lucia said...

Cheryl is great that way, isn't she? I knew there was a reason I want to hug her every time I see her, and she never seems to mind.