Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Behold the Blueberry Vomit

Whew! It’s been some summer. But it’s slowing down now, thank goodness.

There has been knitting and spinning. Early in the summer I reminded myself that knitting and spinning were great stress-relievers, and I picked my knitting back up.

First, I finished the Scary Rainbow socks, made from the ginormous, thousand-yard ball of Rainbow Brite yarn Grumpie gave me.They’re a little heavier than standard socks, but they’ll make great boot socks come winter.

Then, I cast on for Kate Gilbert’s pattern “A Sweater for Arwen” using the fabulous (and pattern-perfect) dark pine green Aran-weight yarn I won in Claudia’s MS raffle. The back and left side front are complete; I’m still working on the right side front. This is a really clever pattern and I'm enjoying knitting it up. Do I need another cabled green hoodie? Of course I do.
(Side note:am I not the luckiest girl, to be gifted with so much fabulous yarn?)

In the meantime, I spun up some of last year’s Rhinebeck fleece. I’m spinning it up sort of rough and chunky, intended for a cabled cardigan for the hubby. I have about 3 good-size skeins so far (haven’t measured them yet, sorry!)

And I experimented with last year’s Rhinebeck Spinner’s Hill roving purchase. When I bought it, I commented to Carole that it could turn out to look like blueberry vomit. Here’s what it really reminds me of: Freshman year in college so very long ago, my friends and I made an excursion to the bustling city of Burlington, VT one fall afternoon. We stopped at the MacDonald’s on our way out of town, where they were offering raspberry shakes on a trial basis. I drank one. Later that evening, I drank WAY too much gin at Zeta Psi’s Casino Night and wound up revisiting that raspberry shake in all its vivid glory in the bathroom of my freshman dorm. If that were yarn, it would be this.

Anyway, first I tried spinning it by separating out the colors. When I did that, I kept the gorgeous purpley blues but also (and somewhat unfortunately) the acid greens.

So then I tried blending the colors together as I spun. And now I can’t decide which I like better. The blended swatch does indeed look less vomity, but also less blueberry-y. And that is a loss.

What do you think?


grumperina said...

They look better than I thought they would! And what will you do with the remaining 4 pounds of yarn???

claudia said...

Dude, you can always make me laugh. I like the second vomit better.

Carole Knits said...

I like the blended one. And I still don't think it looks like vomit.

Laurie said...

I think I'm in the laughing conniptions. I like the first swatch best. Always the contrarian. Bet you didn't know that about me.

Kathy said...

Vomit seems to be the theme of the day. :-) I like the first one too.

Manise said...

You crack me up! The first swatch for sure. The second more is more hurl worthy. Hehehe. See you tomorrow!

Beth S. said...

Now there's a visual for a Monday, heh. ;-)

Hooray for Arwen! And no, you can never have too many green cardigans, cabled or otherwise.

I prefer swatch one, personally. Swatch two makes my head hurt a little. ;-)