Tuesday, May 22, 2007

19th Nervous Breakdown

Whew. It has been a month. Spring arrived overnight and at work we've been playing catch up ever since. The first two weeks of May I spent every single day so stressed out I couldn't decide whether I was going to throw up or cry (I actually managed not to do either). My boss was so stressed out he alternated between yelling and throwing up. It's been delightful around here, can you tell? To make matters worse, my boss got me a second, part-time job doing bookkeeping for his sister-in-law. Which should be a good thing, except her books are SO messed up and I have been killing myself to find time to work on them adequately. It's nice to have the job and it's a great learning experience, but the timing kind of blew big bookkeeping chunks.

But things are starting to quiet down now and we're getting caught up. Last week I finally picked up my needles again and cast on for a new project, another Icelandic shawl:

I'm knitting it with the tangerine orange Plain n' Fancy laceweight that my beloved yarn mule* Carole shlepped back from Utah for me.

I STILL haven't finished sewing up the blue sweater, now that spring's here, my motivation has fled--but I did finish the Sockotta socks.
I haven't worn them yet, but so far I'm not wild about them. I'm still on the fence about the yarn, and I'm not going to make the Balbriggan heel my standard heel anytime soon. I'm glad I tried it, but it's kind of fussy and I don't see the point. There are easier ways to achieve a similar result.

When Carole and Sharon and I hit Sakonnet Purls during this past weekend's fabulously fun yarn crawl, I bought some Claudia handpainted sock yarn in Freesia. It is intensely pink. I'm not sure this picture does the intense pink-ness justice, but here's the first sock, completed already:

I also bought two sweaters' worth of blue wool yarn (including the armful of Debbie Bliss you may have seen me with over at Carole's blog). I know! Me, blue? And I made Carole and Sharon dig through every %$^#%$ bin in the ^$&%# store to find it, too. I just thought it might be nice to have a sweater that wasn't green, you know?

*in case any of you wonder, I'm using "mule" in the sense of one who transports drugs for another. Carole does not have long ears!


Beth S. said...

Icelandic lace! And in orange, too! :-) See, you clearly understand how to cope with stress. ;-)

Me, I've just reached the fan border on Hyrna and it's so exciting I can hardly stand it. :-)

Carole Knits said...

A yarn mule? I'd rather be a sherpa but for you, anything is okay! I love the way the orange looks in that pattern and I can't believe you already finished one sock in the Freesia. Go, go, go!

Ruth said...

No long ears, but how stubborn is she?

I really like the Freesia socks. They're fun.

claudia said...

I know what a mule is. ;-)

Laurie said...

FAST sock. Love the yarn mule.

Cheryl said...

Isn't that Icelandic shawl book the greatest? I want to make everythnig in there!

Glad things at work are calming down!

Fields of Heather said...

I'll be joining you in the breakdown lane-have you noticed that some of us have been less bloggy lately? Well, I've been lurking mostly...the second I open my mouth or begin to write, my latest breakdown just wants to pour out. But I heard all about the yarn crawl-sounds like a great time!

Tola said...

saw from MDK that you like Inox circs. want mine? ive got size 1 and 2, and size 2 in dpns as well. email me if you want them!

Manise said...

*Ahem* I think I'm going to hve a nervous breakdown if you don't post soon!