Friday, January 12, 2007

Catching Up

My post-Rhinebeck goal of blogging more often seems to have fallen by the wayside. There's been some unbloggable weirdness the past couple of weeks that required Deep Thought, and while I hate to be cryptic, that's my excuse for not blogging, because I've been sort of consumed by this thing I can't blog about. Anyway, things seem to be worked out for the time being and a tolerable semblance of normal life should resume. And so shall the blogging.

There has been knitting: the sleeves, back and one front side of the Nantucket Jacket are done. I hope to have the other front completed by the end of next week and am aiming for a total completion date of Jan 27th at the latest. After that, I plan to start Arisaig, with my first-ever! Rowan yarn.

I'm focussed on the knitting because I honestly need new sweaters. I purged all the unflattering garments from my closet last summer. As a result, I have about three everyday sweaters left, and I'm sick of all of them. Love Rogue, but can't wear it every single day. Although, can I just say: the most flattering hoodie ever. Casual, makes it look like you're not trying, but you end up looking good--exactly what an everyday sweater should do. Maybe I should make another one of those, too.

And there's been spinning, although not much. If it weren't for Carole's spin nights, I'd have gotten nothing done on that front. I'm still working on the blue-green Grafton Fibers roving--which I'm now calling "peacock," because that's what the finished yarn looks like. My goal is to be done spinning that up by Spa, which would be a year from the date I bought it. Sigh. I have about 2/3rds of two batts left (remember, I'm alternating two batts into one yarn, for subtle--I hope--stripes). Jury's still out on whether or not I'm going to keep the yarn, although I am leaning in that direction. I really want to see how the striping knits out.

But if I'm going to finish that yarn up by Spa, I have 36 days to spin. I am little over half-done now and I've been spinning it since July. Oh, and I want to finish two sweaters in about the same timeframe. Wish me luck!


melanie said...

You OK lady?

elisa said...

Oof. I am sorry for the wierdness. I hope the Deep Thought is helping.

And I am so glad you're going to SPA. :)

See ya' Monday!

Carole Knits said...

That's a lot to do but I think you can handle it.

Laurie said...

Whatever's happening, I hope it stops happening.

SPA? Yay! I remember the GF batts. Good goal. Don't worry if it's still on the bobbin in February. You'll get enough spin time to whip that puppy out.

Bookish Wendy said...

I hope everthing is okay!

Cheryl said...

I hope everything's okay. I'm glad you'll be at Spa, it will be good to see you again.