Friday, December 01, 2006

Project Grrrrway

Today's most fabulous bears are sporting pinafores. This one, worn by supermodel Beary in a recent runway show, is by up-and-coming label Martita Rampage.

"It's hip, it's fresh, it's now," Beary said after the show. "I was proud to be chosen for the Martita Rampage show. I even waived my fee." Since Beary won't leave her cave for less than $10,000 a day, that's quite a compliment to the new designer.

Unfortunately, like so many young fashionistas today, Beary isn't much of a lady and rarely wears underpants. Some speculate that she relies on the titillating paparazzi pix for publicity.

Since the toddler for whom Beary is intended as a holiday gift isn't much of a lady herself (the only thing standing between her and belching the alphabet is knowing all the letters), it should be a match made in heaven.

Catherine bear from Sandra Polley's The Knitted Teddy Bear
Homespun worsted-bulky weight Wensleydale, spun on Melanie's Odette last winter
Pinafore from scrap living room summer valance material


Beth S. said...

What a sweet bear! She turned out really well, I must say! :-) Her face is particularly cute.

margene said...

Beautiful work! Someone will be beary happy;-)

Carole said...

It's wonderful, Martha!

maryse said...

haha i laughed out loud -- she's such a slutty little bear.

but very cute.


Jaclyn said...

I love her AND her slutilicous attitude! And knit from handspun? That's awesome :)

mf said...

ahhhh so sweet!

Cheryl said...

hahahaha! I can't stop laughing over underpants, or lack therof! How sad that beary's chosen such poor role models!

Diane E. said...

Your Britney Bear has so much mre class than the other Britney, Nice Knit!