Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Knitting Works Projects Administration

The Knitting WPA would like to announce two new projects: the Nantucket Sweater from the cover of Interweave Knits and a pair of mittens.

I started on Sleeve Island for the Nantucket Sweater. It's being knit from Berroco Ultra Alpaca, which is a soft cushy yarn and SUCH a bargain. Big skeins, small price. The stitch definition could be better for this sweater, though. It does all right on the cables, but the thinner "twists" aren't that well-defined.
The color is more accurate in the top photo-kind of an acid/apple green. If you click on the Berrocco link above, it's the color on their website.

I should be on the mainland with this sweater by early next week, depending on how hard I work on the mittens.

One day last week, my boss's wife S was in the office and she spied my Estonian mittens. She couldn't believe I knit them, and once the boss found out, he wanted a pair, too, for when he's duck hunting. I had a fabulous pair picked out from the book and camouflage colors purchased

but after talking to him about precisely what he liked about my mittens (warmth without bulk), I realized the mittens I had chosen would be too bulky. And he wants his initials on the back, so I'll incorporate those into the design somehow.

The bummer is that I really fell in love with that pattern and now I can't use it. I thought about using it on the back of the mitten, leaving the palm thin and flexible, but the boss nixed that idea too. (I was going to start new strands on each row--I like the pattern so much I was willing to do that). What I'm thinking now is a row of the pattern at the cuff, then a diagonal line of three individual squares across the back of his hand with his initials next to them. The goal is stylin' but still flexible. Although I have to admit, part of me is thinking, "you're getting nice handknit mittens, you'll take what you get and like it, dammit.*"

But now I really have to finish the hubby's ultra-boring sweater or he'll get jealous. That pattern's going to have to change--there is no way I am ever finishing a k2p2 ribbing sweater. In black. It does look bad that I ditched his sweater for the boss's mittens, but that's just because the mittens aren't stultifyingly dull. Knitting that sweater is like being hit on the head with a baseball bat.

*Speaking of "dammit," we learned this past weekend that the 4-year-old for whom I knit Beary can cuss. She and I were playing a highly competitive game of air hockey (telling you, kid's got the moves) and when I scored a goal on her she quietly said, "Oh, damn." The first two times we were laughing too hard to correct her but by the third time it became evident she had to be stopped. Next up: belching the alphabet!


Carole said...

You could make those other mittens for Dale. I'm sure he'd be most grateful.

Beth S. said...

No reason why you couldn't knit the Marko's Mittens (that what that is, right?) for someone else. Right?

Would any stranded pair be too heavy, or is it just the particular yarn you were plannung to use?

Cynthia said...

damn's not so bad. right? at least it was under her breath and not shouted. love the nantucket sweater. LOVE.

Laurie said...

Way cute on the damn. It's inevitable.

I love the Ultra Alpaca. I bought a skein for swatching god knows what. Just wanted to knit it. Anything.

I would shoot myself on the k2p2. I bailed from a seedstitch sweater last year. Couldn't force myself to do it.

Bookish Wendy said...

Our friend's 18 mo. old said oh shit the other day. He can barely talk and he said oh shit. We laughed forever. It was the first indication that we had to a - watch our mouths around him and b - pretend that it was the worst thing in the world so that he wouldn't think he was entertaining.