Thursday, November 30, 2006

For Cate

So, this guy is trying to quantify the way and speed with which ideas travel through blogs for a talk at some conference. And Cate wants to knock his socks off with the power of knitters. But you're saying, no no no! We want to keep our power secret and then ambush the Muggles when they are weak and defenseless. I mean, obviously, if you have a great weapon, you don't want the world to know, do you?

But see, here's the thing. Haven't you suspected for a while now that everything you knit is based on something you saw on a blog? Like there's some massive knitterly groupthink? I don't mean that to sound negative; bees in a hive have groupthink and they're not exactly slackers. Groupthink can be a powerful force indeed. Dudeguy's trying to put hard numbers on it, which is kind of cool.

I think we can agree that fun ideas (like knitting Rogue) spread faster than less-fun ideas (like helping science), but let's all pitch in and help this guy out. Here's how you do it:

1) Write a blog post in which you discuss the experiment.
2) Link to this post in your blog post.
3) Ping Technorati.

What I am afraid he will discover is that there are tons of knitters out there, but only 2 of us are technically proficient (ping Technorati? wha?), but hopefully I got that right.

P.S. At the end of his post there's a list of blogs that linked. Seriously, folks, he needs more knitters.


Carole said...

I pinged. Or I thought I did. But I don't see my post listed there. Hmmm.

Laurie said...

When I have some time this weekend. Maybe. Or maybe you did it for both of us.