Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dinah Feigns Concern for her Meal Ticket

To be fair, the poor cat has spent so much time curled up next to me in bed over the past month, she's started to sneeze. She does have moments of non-evil.

You can see the curl at the end of her tail in that picture. Her tail is permanently crimped at the end, and she doesn't like the curl touched. She can wind half of her tail around your arm like a monkey (although she can't hang from it, not that I've tried).

I'm feeling better and did some holiday-giftie knitting over the weekend. I have a lot of posting to catch up with--but first I have to catch up with work!


Fields of Heather said...

She's so pretty! Sometimes their contribution of cuteness is enough.

claudia said...

You are smart. You know the truth about felines.


Glad you are feeling better.

Dipsy D. said...

My gosh, how very cute she is - and what a beauty! Thanks for sharing these pics!
Glad you're feeling better - all the best to yoz!