Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What I Did on my Rhinebeck Vacation

(I know I'm forgetting things and people, so please bear with me!)

--Bought my first fleece (with Kathy).

--Resolved to learn wet- & needle-felting. I'd like to be able to felt tapestries and hats.

--Bought felting needles.

--Met lots of knitters--bloggers and non-bloggers.

--Helped trash Carole, Sharon & Manise's hotel room. And they thought knitters were sedate and quiet. Not any more!

--Watched people wait in line for 45 minutes for sock yarn.

--Saw not one, but two, men wearing kilts (one being Sweater Project Dave).

--Learned of the existence of the Utilikilt. (I lead a sheltered life).

--Met Margene and Lee Ann in person. Finally!

--Purchased 2.25 lbs of Spinners Hill roving. Don't expect to see that roving become yarn for a couple of years. (And it's a good thing I bought extra, because I have no idea how to spin this stuff to its best advantage).

--Speaking of yarn, I did NOT buy any. Not one skein.

--Contemplated knitting a pillbox hat from multicolored mohair boucle. Carole talked me down off that ledge. I would still like to find something small to do with boucle, though.

--Saw the Vanderbilt Mansion & toured the grounds (missed the tour).

--Petted sheep, llama & alpaca.

--Ate lamb chops for lunch.

--Saw an Easter Island-like head off the Taconic Parkway. (Did anyone else see that? What is UP with that head??)

--Had a completely overwhelming & exhausting experience. The best thing about fiber festivals is getting to spend time with friends (old & new). I can't possibly list all of you and I can't wait 'til we all see each other again.


Carole said...

I forgot about the pillbox hat. Thank goodness I was there to save you from yourself. ;-)

claudia said...

Nice job Carole!

Glad you had fun and I wish we had more time together.

Cheryl said...

Julia and I saw that head on the way home! How weird was that!

I'm so glad I got to hang out with you, I a great time.

JessaLu said...

I am so. jealous. that you visited the Vanderbilt Mansion. Seriously.

Did you know that the Vanderbilts were one of the families responsible for getting the Taconic Parkway built so they could have a good road to travel to get to their summer 'cottages'? (yeah, you want me on your Trivial Pursuit team *g*)

It was great to meet you! :o) (btw, I didn't buy yarn, either) ;o)

Sandysknitting said...

You went to the Vanderbilt mansion? That must have been wonderful.
not one skein of yarn, you say. But. Plenty of fleece.
I am thankful for every minute we spent together. And greedily looking forward to more!

maryse said...

joe and i saw the big giant head! very cool indeed.

Laurie said...

Congratulations on the first fleece! It was wonderful to see you, shop with you, party with you.

Catherine said...

I don't know about the multicolored part, but mohair boucle would make a fabulous pillbox! You'd be the height of 1960s uppermiddleclass fashion. Or something.

Spinners Hill: there oughta be a 12-step program for us. Best way I've found to spin it is to strip it into long skinny strips, then attenuate them just like you would with roving. If you have a diz, use that to pull a roving from the cloud.

Kathy said...

So much fun!! I also had no idea about the Utilikilt -- they are pretty cool! (I had trouble posting a comment earlier today -- weird, huh?)

Maggie said...

Yeah...I saw that head too! ...but oooh that Taconic Parkway, what a beautiful road!...loved the scenery.

JulieFrick said...

Good for you for keeping your wits about you...except for that pillbox thing. I do admit, though, that I'd love to have seen you knit it.

margene said...

Overwhelming and exhausting is a perfect description of paradise. ;-) It was wonderful to meet you in that sea of bloggers and fiber lovers.

blogless sharon said...

I didn't see the the rock but you were right the ride home was beautiful

julia fc said...

I bet the view is really great from up on that Easter Island Hill. Cheryl and I saw that too!
Great to see you grlfrnd.