Sunday, October 08, 2006


Well, I got very near to the end of the next-to-last row:
The way I see it, I have a few choices to make now.

1) I can do the Icelandic thing and change the color for the last row and crochet bind-off. I'm thinking a golden brown, like the color of my sunglasses or the pinecone next to them:
(Most of the shawls in the book are knit in stripes of naturals, and Fina Hyrnan is knit all one color, except for the crochet bind-off, which is black).

2) In the interests of completing this thing over Columbus Day weekend, with yarn at limited availability, I can change yarn completely and go to Michaels and find an acceptable brown fingering-weight yarn. It is, after all, one knit row and a crochet bind-off.

Here's the bind-off, for those of you who haven't knit from this book yet:
If it were only the bind-off, I wouldn't hesitate to go with option 2. I think a plied yarn would set off the chained scallops nicely, adding a bit of crisp detail (the rest of the shawl has a sort of fuzzy halo). But I think the last knit row needs to have the same fuzzy halo as the rest of the shawl.

So, I guess I call Jager and see what they have available. But, that leaves me at option 1: do I change color for the last row? Obviously, it might be necessary if Jager doesn't have any more golden-green. But I have to admit, I'm kind of digging the idea of brown, even if I can get more golden-green.

What do you think? Brown or gold, fuzzy halo singles or crisp plied sock yarn?


Laurie said...

I'd go with a lighter brown, but my sensibility is about subtle changes, which you may not subscribe to.

Hate when these decisions pop up. I'm such a fence-sitter.

margene said...

Brown! It would be lovely and add a nice finished edge to it. Either way you end up going will be good

Carole said...

I think the brown would be awesome. Remember Anne's Wing of the Moth with the different colored yarn on the edge? It was great.

elisa said...

Well, I know that I would end up going with Option 2 because my desire to finish knitting the shawl this weekend would preclude me from waiting for more yarn to arrive...

However! You've spent a lot of time on this shawl, and so, if waiting for the correct yarn, even if you do decide to change to brown, will mean that you'll be happier with the finished product, then I'd say wait.

Cheryl said...

I say go with a brown! Although since the weekend is already over, maybe you're already done! In that case, I guess I'll wait and see what you decided.

Fields of Heather said...

I say golden brown-that is such a yummy color to begin with!

Beth S. said...

Argh! I cannot see any of your beautiful pictures (is it Blogger? Is it my connection? Dunno) so yikes, I have to remain in suspense about this. I'd probably look into getting a little more of the main color, myself. Good luck! :-)