Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Am Doll Parts

Those are my teddy bear parts so far. Clockwise, starting at the top, we have:
3 head pieces
4 ear pieces
4 arm pieces (2 pieces each arm, duh, with contrast brown paw pads)
2 body sections

I'm still working on the legs. All the yarn is homespun from stash, which makes me happy. It's made a huge dent in the stash-storage-box. There's room for more now!

Sorry the parts are all curled up and don't look like much; the pattern expressly states not to press or block them before stitching.

I've been a bad knitblogger, though, and gotten distracted from my knitting. Which has two results: gives me less to blog about, and puts me WAY behind on my holiday gifts. Yikes! I was supposed to finish this bear before Labor Day.

But instead, enthralled with the progress I'd made sewing those bags, I decided I had to learn how to sew a blouse. One that actually fits me, unlike the ones I buy in the store. Unfortunately, such a blouse involves learning pattern manipulation, dart adjustment, sleeve cap reduction, etc. It's been two weeks and about 4 library books already, and I've only gotten this far:

(I made that picture smaller so the color wouldn't blind you)

I swear to you that hideous color is not accurate. It's actually a lovely garnet red. I've been learning to set sleeves (and adjust sleeve caps) since Monday, so as you can see this is going to be a while. But the good news is that once I get this sussed, I should be able to whip a blouse out in an afternoon.

I also solemnly swear to you that this blog will not become a sewing blog. It's just that in the heat of the summer, I'd rather sew than knit. Or spin, apparently, since the only spinning I've done this summer has been insomnia-3am-spinning. I'm still working on the Grafton Fibers navajo blue and teal batts that I have officially decided I dislike and will raffle off once I'm done. I have noticed that when you dislike the color you're spinning, your motivation to spin plummets to the ground like a dead bird. But I know someone else will love the colors, so once I finish you'll all be the first to know!

P.S. No progress whatsoever on Hyrna. Really. None.


Carole said...

Learning to sew is such an accomplishment. Good for you!

maryse said...

i second what carole says. good for you!

margene said...

Do what sounds like the most fun, what speaks to you the loudest. It's all good crafy fun. Enjoy your sewing as skills improve. It's a rewarding task.

Dave Daniels said...

I've sewn MANY teddy bears, but I can't imagine knitting one. And nothing wrong with sewing. It's one of those basic skills that everyone show know to some degree. (Shhh, it's REALLY fun once you feel confident. But, you didn't hear that from me.)

mf said...

Your doing great looking forward to seeing your teddy bear!

benedetta said...

clearly i have to knit more and/or bigger teddy bears or have a smaller stash, because the couple of teddies under my belt so far have done nothing to stash reduction.

i admire your patience with fiddly items (which include any sewing)

Laurie said...

I'm impressed with the sewing tweaking.

The teddy bear should be very very cute. And dear, with the handspun.
The fiber projects have been like the summer: flightly, ephemeral, encouraging dilettance. (Not sure that's a word.)

maryse said...

dude! i just saw the fish blanky -- it came out so wonderfully great. it's beaUtiful

really it is.

sorry i missed you yesterday.