Friday, September 22, 2006

And Here I Thought $20 Was Bad

So I'm sitting on the patio with the dog and a cup of coffee, reading the new Elle (I gave up on being Vogue; now I'm just trying to be Elle) while waiting for the hubster to come home for dinner, and I come across this article on channeling the classics to create your own style. On the "All-American" (read preppy) page, they show a pair of $200 Michael Kors argyle socks. Now I'm sure these socks are cashmere, and they're certainly far more dignified (camel, black and white) than my pimptastic argyles are, but $200? Two hundred dollars? For a pair of socks? Does he sell a lot of these? Whoever buys them needs to call me. I can knit a dignified argyle sock for a lot less money.


Kat said...

Holy crap! I bet they aren't even pirate Arrr-gyles.

margene said...

Yes but you'd you really want to?