Wednesday, September 27, 2006

10 Knitting Things You Don't Know About Me, Or Might Have Known Once But Hopefully Forgot

For Grumpy...

1) I have never knit with angora. I'm toying with the idea of getting a bunny but someone suggested I find out whether I'm allergic first. Good idea!

2) While I may skip steps and let mistakes stand while knitting, I am an obsessive-compulsive seamer. I work hard to ensure a nice, even, hopefully-invisible seam. The work of seaming a sweater is so tedious and meticulous for me that I have to break it into two evenings: the first, I sew the shoulders and set the sleeve in; the second, I seam up the sides and sleeves. (If you were about to tell me my seams suck, you can just keep your mouth shut. I'm not listening!)

3) The first socks I ever knit were made out of leftover Tahki Tweed and and the Candide hunting sock pattern and were for my cousin for Christmas. They were terrible socks. Really, no elasticity whatsoever, floppy around the ankles. Gauge? What's that? But my cousin said he loved them so I made him more terrible socks for Christmas the next year. That'll teach him to be nice.

4) That second pair of socks for my cousin was the last pair I ever made until last year.

5) The first sweater I ever knit was made out of crimson red acrylic yarn and used a British V-neck, raglan sleeve pattern from a book my granny gave me. Turned out it was a man's size. Sucker was HUGE, and I was not. It was like a sack dress on me. I think I wore it once.

6) It didn't occur to me to think about whether a sweater flattered my figure until a couple of years ago. There was a massive sweater purge shortly after.

7) I have given Goodwill and the Salvation Army a staggering number of hand-knit sweaters.

8) I had never knit with wool until I went off to college. Wool yarn was not available where I grew up. I cannot tell you how excited I was freshman year when I found wool in the LYS. It almost made up for that solid month of rain.

9) The first time I knit drunk (possibly only time, too) was also freshman year in college. In one of my English classes, we had to visually depict something from one of our texts, any way we liked. I knit a mini Coat of Many Colors, sort of large doll-sized. (You know, for your Joseph doll. I'm not sure that's sacriligeous, unless your Joseph doll starts spending too much time with Barbie.) But anyway, back to the coat. It was completely random, just patches of color any which way, although I did put thought into the way the colors and patches worked together. It was a fun knit. Anyway, I remember I returned from a bar one night a little too tipsy to read Shakespeare (I recall trying and giving up), so I knit some on the coat. My professor loved that coat. It hung in his office for years. And I felt like a cheat, because I had made something so easy.

10) Coat of Many Colors aside, I am not a very creative knitter. I pick a pattern, I follow a pattern. I don't sit around and think of unique objects to knit up (pillowcases, coasters, tea cozies...). Mostly, I knit sweaters.


Carole said...

I'm with you on following a pattern. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that!

Bookish Wendy said...

the idea of barbie and joseph together is cracking me up!

grumperina said...

I'm surprised that you've donated your hand-knit sweaters! I'm all for purging... but I think I'd recycle the yarn of the hand-knit losers (unless they were sucky yarn that I didn't like in the first place).

Thanks for answering!

Jackie said...

#3 cracked me up. Yes, those poor suckers who are sweet about our sucky knitting :) Anyway, where did you grow up? I think I've always assumed you were from the south shore, and I can't imagine there wasn't wool available somwhere in the vicinity when you were growing up?? (Or were things that bad in the knitting world then?)