Sunday, August 27, 2006

Summer's Eve: Now for Hyrna, too!

Is it just me, or does Hyrna sound like a gynecological condition?

While the men were distracted with the barbeque, she gently touched my arm to get my attention and asked, a look of concern on her face, "Oh, how's your hyrna?"
"Knitting up quickly," I replied with a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness they have a treatment for that now."

Anyway, it is summer's eve, and Hyrna is knitting up quickly, thank goodness, largely due to the size 5 needles and almost-fingering-weight Icelandic singles I'm using. Because I am not as petite as Claudia, and Hyrna does seem to run small, I used Beadlizard Sylvia's modification and added three repeats to the first section. I did not check the math myself, so I'm hoping I don't have to modify the second section to make the border work (it doesn't sound like I do).

It's been smooth sailing since I got to the repeats. However, I knit my setup rows while paying more attention to the TV than to my knitting. The ripping started during the Red Sox game and continued into China Beach . I ripped up those setup rows so many times the yarn started to fuzz (it had already been ripped once before, when it auditioned unsuccessfully for Swirl Shawl). 4 times? 6 times? I lost count. It was ugly. Finally, it was clear that fatigue was impairing my comprehension, so I put Hyrna down and went to bed. When I ripped and started anew the next morning, everything went fine and it's been good ever since. I should be starting the second section tonight.

Here, for Maryse, is a view of the yarn I'm using for the teddy bear:

Can you see the crap? First yarn I ever spun on a wheel, and it shows. But here's how it knits up:
teddy bear yarn knit up
(sorry the picture is so much smaller, I had to use flickr as blogger declines to post photos)

Keep in mind that I am knitting this on Size 3 needles. If this yarn were coal, it would be a diamond by now. No stuffing is falling out of this bear.


margene said...

What!? No Hyrna pictures? I too would make Sylvia's changes.

maryse said...

aww thanks martha for showing me your first spun yarn...but it still looks 10x better than the yarn monster.

but that's ok.

Carole said...

I could never put my finger on why the name of that shawl bothered me. Until now.

Laurie said...

Yeah, I'm a ripper and a sinner, too. Multiple rips. And yeah, Hyrnagynecology. "We're doing a wide excision of her Hyrna today in OR 8."

Plying makes it better, and knitting seems to forgive the sins of the spinner too.

Beth S. said...

Hang on, is Hyrna like the Flower Basket Shawl, where you can do as many FULL repeats of the main pattern stitch as you like before starting the edging? Because that would be *fantastic*, if it were true...

mf said...

your yarn looks great!

Chris said...

Giggle - hyrnagynecology. And your bear knitting looks great.