Monday, August 21, 2006


I had a very long weekend that included watching the Red Sox get pummelled, volunteering at the local fair two mornings and waiting for five hours at the airport for my SIL's plane to land. Last night was the airport trip and as a result, this morning I can't muster the energy to be entertaining. Just a heads up. Apologies.

Between the fair and the airport, some crafty stuff was done.

I finished the second argyle sock (same as the first) and then I thought to myself, what should I cast on for now? Oh, Hyrna, knock knock...
I know I should have cast on for something gift-related, but I am weak. And besides, the book I ordered for my next gift project hadn't arrived yet (it arrived the next day). And I had to have something to keep my nervous fingers busy as I watched the Red Sox lose, didn't I?

Then on Saturday, I started my next gift sewing project, a knapsack of the same toile as the tote bag. This one is even farther beyond my sewing abilities

(a grommet!)

(a zipper!)

(a pain-in-the-butt partitioned patch pocket!)

knapsack front
but so far it seems to be coming out okay, with shockingly little seam-ripping.

And then on Sunday, because that darn teddy bear book (so cute!) was burning a hole in my stash, I cast on for the Catherine bear. She's going to be a cream-colored polar bear made from the Wensleydale homespun I made when I first learned to spin on Odette. It's not great yarn, but the gauge is so squeaky tight on this bear that you can't tell the yarn is a tad lumpy. She's going to a four-year-old (the one surfing on the beach in the 4th of July photo) so I thought about dyeing the yarn so it wouldn't show dirt as much, but I really liked the idea of a polar bear and besides, I sincerely hope this toy gets dirty and worn and loved 'til all its seams fray. I am actually concerned that the four-year-old's parents will keep the bear on a shelf as a treasure, instead of letting her drag it across the lawn. I will have to tell them that this is a bear designed to take a beating.

No pictures of the bear yet--all I've knit is one-half of the body and believe me, that's not much to look at. It really just looks like a larger-than-average swatch (well, way larger-than-average for me, since I rarely swatch). When I have some bear parts worth looking at, you'll all be the first to know.


maryse said...

ooh i'm looking forward to seeing the bear. i love knitted toys.

Laurie said...

Hyrna, huh? I'm impressed.

Carole said...

Love the toile fabric. Still. And Hyrna, I hope she's consolation for our pathetic Red Sox.

elisa said...

Wow - Hyrna, a knitted teddy, a lovely sewn bag, AND finished argyle socks?


Cheryl said...

I'm so glad you started the Hyrna shawl, I'm dying to see how it comes out. I love that pattern. Now that I'm knitting shawls I've been eyeing it!

Beth S. said...

OMG. You're knitting Hyrna. WOW! And right on the heels of the Fina Hyrnan, too... you may just be my new hero. :-)