Monday, July 31, 2006

Crafty Sunday

As promised, I have knitting content. I finished Fina Hyrnan yesterday afternoon:
fina hyrnan
Sorry the colors are terrible. You'll have to trust me that it's a sort of mossy green.

It is a small shawl, longer than it is wide, even after stern but loving blocking. I just hope it is large enough to suit my friend. I think she'll like it, even if it's too small, just because I made it. She's that sort of friend.

And then I finished the last sock of an ugly, failed pair (the vision I had for them did not materialize).
socksshawl 002
socksshawl 001
Because they were ugly and failed (oh, and too big) they suffered from Second Sock Syndrome. But they were tying up the sock needles, which needed to be freed for Julia's arglye-a-long, for which my very professional graph and written schematics are here:
I know you're all impressed with my technical skills. Really, I do have some.

Anyway, turns out now that I didn't need my DPNs after all--but just as well to have finished the large ugly socks.

And THEN (see, it really was a crafty Sunday) I cut out the pattern pieces and fabric for my sister's Christmas present, a tote bag of black toile with a periwinkle blue canvas bottom & straps and black-and-white awning stripe lining. I am really excited about this bag, despite the fact that I can barely sew. If I can pull it together, it'll be really cute. And the best part? All the materials are stash. And even better, the toile and the awning stripe fabric were free, scraps left over from my boss's sister's renovations.

But alas, it's not all rosy skies, sunshine and puppies over here. Traditionally, the cussing begins when the sewing machine comes out, so don't hold your breath on this bag. Oh, and the other thing? My sister and I have completely opposite taste. So if I think it's really cute, she won't. But she's getting it anyway! She can give it to her daughter if she doesn't like it (my niece and I have identical taste).

But all in all, I'm pretty pleased with my holiday gift progress. Two shawls down and a tote bag begun. And the stash is a little smaller, too!


maryse said...

ok i want pictures of the fabric. i love the sound of the tote back.

and the shawl is beautiful.

Carole said...

Good for you with all these accomplishments!

margene said...

The shawl is fabulous. It's on of my favorite in the book as the leafy border is so beautiful. The socks would look great with a little different toe! Good luck sewing;-)

claudia said...

Two thoughts: orange socks can never be bad, and

lovely edging on that shawl.

julia fc said...

Gorgeous shawl. Yum on the orange socks (have you tried a star toe?) and dude, Cant' wait for your argyles!

Laurie said...

The shawl is quite lovely.

The socks are...funky. That's it. Funky.

Catherine said...

Knock it off, already. You've giving me holiday gift-making guilt and it isn't even August yet.

Oh, and the bag sounds lovely.

Cassie said...

The shawl is gorgeous, and I have heard from everyone that its on the small side - and the kind of friend that will love it because you made it? That's the only kind to knit for.

cindy said...

I want to make that shawl. It's so lovely. Please take a closeup of it I'd love to see it .

I have the pattern book, but I need to finish spinning the yarn