Thursday, June 22, 2006

Oops, I did it again

And here we see, once again, Swirl Shawl off her needles (doesn't that sound like a knitterly euphemism for stone-cold-crazy? As in, "she knit that %&^*$ shawl again? she IS off her needles...")

shetland swirl shawl 002

This time, the frogging is the result of a math error (now that IS a euphemism, it's really the result of laziness). I remember thinking as I started the first border, "hmm, maybe I should calculate the repeat multiplier for the second border BEFORE I start the first border." But then I decided that it would all work out.

It didn't all work out.

The first border pattern has an eleven stitch repeat, but not just any combination of eleven stitches will do (that's the part I ignored above). Each second-border-repeat utilizes three first-border-repeats, so the first border has to result in a number of repeats divisible by three. For instance, 429 stitches creates 39 eleven-stitch repeats (429/11=39). 39 first border repeats will provide the necessary stitches for 13 second border repeats (39/3=13).

Oh, and I strongly suspect the pattern is missing a row. But if I can't see it, it doesn't exist.

So I happily continue long after others would have moved on to one of those fetching Icelandic shawls in the book that finally got delivered Saturday, hoping my math calculations are correct this time, even though I really truly do think I'm missing a pattern row. La-la-la-la-la, ab,cd,efg,hijk, lmnoI can't hear you!

I have been told that a flaw of mine is this stubborn refusal to give up on things that are clearly not going to work and a waste of time, just because I am hell-bent on beating them into submission. Just in case you were feeling compelled to point out that personality trait in the comments. I am aware.

Really, it's not so much that I'm hell-bent on beating the pattern into submission (although--don't get me wrong, I am), it's that I find the problem-solving wildly entertaining. Doesn't that make it sound less psychotic?

P.S. Oh, for you yarn fans: I'm using a Shetland laceweight. It's a medium laceweight, but sticky and wooly. It's dirt cheap and considering this is kind of an oversized swatch--at this point done more to work the pattern out than to actually create a shawl--cheap seemed good. And it holds up to frogging extremely well.


blogless sharon said...

yee gods martha, thats so complicated. im impressed

Fields of Heather said...

Don't give up! You are such a trooper!

Laurie said...

Too funny! "Off her needles" - I really think we should use that more often. It seems like the less intentional slippage off the needles meets your psychosis definition quite well. Or maybe ripping it off the needles in frustration.

claudia said...

Better you than me.