Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Wonderful Weekend

I am late to the party, and the important things have been said by others. (Apologies to any posts I missed). Oh, and I took no pictures. Not a single one.

But I am here to tell you that Cummington was a blast. It's just the right size for a first-ever fiber festival--large enough to entertain, but not so large that it's overwhelming. At first when I misplaced my car-mates Claudia and Laurie, I worried that they wouldn't be able to find me when they wanted to leave. A few minutes later, I realized that wouldn't be a problem. You can't lose anyone for long at Cummington.

Unless, of course, you're looking for Kellee and Elisa. We lost them all day Saturday! Turns out their car accidentally drove to Webs instead of Cummington. Thank goodness the car eventually found its way to the "blegger" at Cate's house, or we might have lost them all weekend.

As Cate noted, any fiber gathering is notable for the friends you see there. Yarn and wool are nice, don't get me wrong, but it's the people who make it all special. Thanks to Katy for bringing us together for lunch on Saturday, and to Cate for bringing us together for dinner.

As for stash enhancement, I really didn't buy much. I have so much already I can probably coast 'til Rhinebeck. I did buy some of the stinkiest patchouli soap--I mean, I love patchouli as much as the next aging hippie, but the whole second story of my house smells now. When I showed Maryse the yarn I bought, she asked me whether I bought patchouli soap too, because she could smell it on the yarn. It's a wonder Laurie didn't get a headache riding in the back seat with that stuff.

And I bought a shawl pin, and a niddy noddy (that I should have measured first, as it's not 18 inches long, a pet peeve of mine. Not that I know how to use it anyway, maybe there's a secret to using a 15.5" niddy noddy). And some yarn:

for a possible Icelandic shawl someday. Oh, Hyrna, knock knock...


margene said...

The yarn will make a fabulous Hyrna. Fiber Festivals are only fun when you have a bunch of buddies to be with and share in the goodness (including afterwards).;-)

Carole said...

Ahh. Hyrna's in your future? It will be gorgeous in that yarn.

Laurie said...

THAT's what that smell was in the back seat. I thought my lentils had gone bad. (Just kidding.)

That is beautiful yarn. The niddy is no big deal...just a different multiplier. I find a small and a huge are useful...I don't know how big my small one is, but my huge one is 75" per wrap. Norm Hall wood.

It was a wonderful day, made wonderful by your companionship. I had the attention span of a flea, so it was good that the festival is a manageable size. Do you think they would have swept me up with the leftover fleeces if I had gotten truly lost?

mamacate said...

Ooh, Hyrna. I like the way you think, woman!

Thanks for being a part of it. It was lovely to have you here.

elisa said...

It really was wonderful, wasn't it? As always, I just wish I had a little more time to chat with you.

Maybe we can have a mini-spin in sometime soon?

juno said...

Because of you and your icelanddic yarn which I could not get out of my head I had to go back and get some of that on Sunday.

Two contrasting solids rather than a variegated, but still your responsibility.

I can't quite bring myself to say fault exactly.

I was awfully sorry to see you go home on Saturday evening.

claudia said...

I totally could not smell the patchouli