Sunday, May 14, 2006

Absolutely No Knitting Content Whatsoever

I could have predicted you'd have bad weather for NH S&W, because every single year we have spectacularly bad weather for my garden club's plant sale. I mean completely over the top, Cecil B. DeMille bad weather, Shelby Scott clinging to a pier for dear life bad weather. And guess why I wasn't at NH S&W? That's right, garden club plant sale Saturday.

The plant sale weather actually seems to have worsened since I took charge of the sale in 2005. Last year was a Nor'easter with 60 mph winds, rain and hail. Plants were blown over, and it was so cold we had to rotate staff so people could go inside to warm up.

And this year was a deluge. At least it was reasonably warm. That's what we kept telling ourselves: "at least it's warm, last year was so cold...." Despite the weather, we did pretty well financially. Last year we actually raised the most we've ever raised at a plant sale, and this year probably came in second. We have the sale outside the local library, and I suspect the bad weather helps us there. Rain=good day to go to the library. (The money we raise funds a scholarship for a local college-bound high school graduate).

Here are some pictures from the plant sale:

And here I am. I learned from last year and wore plenty of layers: Hot Chillys long johns under fleece, wool hat and wool gauntlets, all topped by a rain slicker. I was relatively warm all day--the chills didn't start until after the plant sale ended.

(The hub calls that my Darth Vader coat. It's two sizes too large and trails in the dirt after me like a ball gown. But it keeps me dry, head to foot).

And I scored some plant loot! I have a lot of shade, and it's hard to find plants that thrive in it. But one of my club's members has an outstanding shade garden (I mean, it's been on multiple garden tours, it's that good) and she donated some choice plants:

something called epimedium, which I am told I am going to **love** (if you G**gle "epimedium" you discover it is believed to have aphrodisiac qualities. Hmmm. Now I really just hope the deer don't eat it);

and something called a petatsites japanicas giganteus.

Oh good, I see from the link that it likes wet boggy areas. It should be in hog heaven right about now.


Kat said...

Shelby Scott - how I miss Shelby Scott and her storm reports. When they brought her out of retirement for the October 96 Nor'easter you knew it was going to be a bad one.

Carole said...

You look so cute in that big coat!

elisa said...

I know nothing at all about plants (although I wish I did), but I am glad that your sale was a success! It would be a double bummer if the weather was bad and the sale wasn't great.

I love the Darth Vader coat!

claudia said...

I'm in a dry basement. Life is good.

Laurie said...

The epi is a lovely little plant for shade that has delicate flowers about now, and beautiful foliage all summer.

The other one is nicknamed "pestasites" so beware. Big and spreading. Look up how it spreads before you site it. Then plant accordingly.