Monday, April 10, 2006

The Secret Lives of Knitbloggers

This weekend I had the pleasure of catching up with two of my favorite knitbloggers as they did non-knitbloggery things. They actually have lives outside of knitting! So novel. I should try that.

First, on Friday night, I went to Elisa's poetry reading. Ms. Concateknit is very talented and her reading was superb. Jackie, Kellee (and her mister), Keiko, and Ms. Concateknit's betrothed were also there to share in the fun. No pictures, though, 'cause it wasn't that sort of place. Besides, reading your poems on a stage is nerve-wracking enough without your friends flashing cameras in your face.

Then, on Saturday, Maryse and I went to see Carole's Civil War re-enactment. Doesn't Carole look demure and ladylike, in her period dress and net snood? You almost wouldn't know her. (That's the infamous Blogless Sharon on the left.)

But here she is, handing a glass of wine to a guest. See, she's still our Carole! Complete with mini-bar hidden in a Civil War-appropriate wooden trunk.

Here's Carole's wonderful husband Dale, in his regimental finest:

The soldiers have to work their way up the military chain of command, just like in the real military. You can't just start as captain. And every year is a specific year in the Civil War. This year they are re-enacting 1861, the beginning of the war, when uniforms were new and the troops were decently fed. Next year, they'll re-enact 1862 and so on. In 2010 they'll be re-enacting 1865, the last year of the war, when the troops were starving, shoeless and threadbare. That should be fun!

They don't always re-enact battles. This particular re-enactment was Confederate-free, a replication of a Union camp. They did do some drills, so they got to shoot their rifles. Every now and then a volley of guns would go off and you'd jump in your chair.

Here's professional historian Patrick B. modeling his Civil War uniform:

And speaking of Patrick, I wanted to thank everyone for their helpful and supportive comments on my last post. It turns out that Sharon and Carole had mentioned my research to Patrick, who may be able to help me. Additionally, a big shout-out to Catherine, who has already done some much-appreciated digging on my behalf.

I am so lucky to be part of this wonderful community, for which I can only thank Melanie, who pulled me in. I'm sure many of you are aware that Melanie has been having her own troubles recently, so be sure to send some happy thoughts her way!


Kate said...

So jealous that you get to hang with everyone outside of knitting get togethers. I so wanted to see Elisa's reading on Friday!
Carole looks fabulous in her costume!
What a great weekend you had.

Dave Daniels said...

Wow, I must admit, I'm a little shocked that there IS something other than knitting. Well, I guess there has to be, right?
Carole's outfits are great. The second photo looks like she is pleading for more wine. THAT'S our Carole. lol It's nice to see a photo of Blogless Sharon. I see the name a lot, but not the face.

margene said...

What a wonderful weekend report. Carole does look great and she can't fool us;-)
I think of Melanie often and hope she will be well and on her feet soon.

Beth S. said...

What fun! I love Carole's attire--that's a Leaf Lace Shawl, I'm almost positive.

Everything's more fun with a glass of wine, isn't it? ;-)

Carole said...

Great photos, Martha! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself on Saturday. I loved having you there!

Carole said...

Great photos, Martha! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself on Saturday. I loved having you there!

claudia said...

I really wanted to go see Elisa read, and I'm happy to hear that it went well.

Elizzabetty said...

Wine? You've got to see Carole break out the martinis in camp just before dinner on Saturday. It's a picture that's stuck in my mind from an event last year!

maryse said...

very cool recap -- now when i talk about it i can just link to your post ;)

Kathy said...

Isn't that great! And the wonderful blogless Sharon too!

julia fc said...

Carole mentioned there was a living history this weekend, and all we did around here was reenact spring cleanup, and annual fest chez nous. ::yawn:: WHy didn't I think of coming? d'uh.

melanie said...

Man am I ever jealous too. There was a day when I was All Over the hanging out with knit bloggers in knitting and non knitting atmospheres. Alas. It's all twins all the time now and I'm just going to have to bribe you guys to come to my place to hang instead this summer. Problem is, I ain't got nuthin by my sunny personality and babies to bribe with. Think that's enough?

I'm so glad I roped you in to this community, you fit perfectly and everyone loves you! Just right.