Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter, indeed

I drank all the gin. That is a slight exaggeration as I had some help, but the mistake I made, and for which I am paying this morning, was finishing the bottle. See, there was--I thought--just an inch of Tanqueray left, and I wasn't going to store a bottle with an inch left in it. So I poured myself a second gin & tonic, only to discover there was really 3/4 of a glass (over ice) left. We had a similar situation with the Jack Daniels, but by then I had learned from my mistake and (some of you may need to sit down for this) we poured it down the sink.

Anyway, we had a great Easter dinner. I spent the weekend not knitting (which was a drag as I had just bought Mason-Dixon Knitting and had visions of dishcloths dancing in my head), but instead cleaning house and cooking. But by 4 pm yesterday, the house sparkled like a diamond, a large lamb leg was in the oven, potatoes were boiling for mashing, and the table was set with spring green linens, china and daisies. My friends Jen and Ted brought their two children over (for whom I had hidden candy) and a rousing game of "Chase the Dog Around the House" began. The dog loves this game, by the way. The kids went through about a ream of paper working on their letters and drawing pictures, we tried to teach them (unsuccessfully) to jump rope, everyone went for a walk, and by 7:30 the kids, and the dog, could barely keep their eyes open. Today, I'm hungover, and I can't tell if the dog is recuperating from exhaustion or if she's moping because her playmates left.

So there was no knitting progress. But I do have pictures from last weekend to show you of a sock I started. Cassie, with her customary feather-and-fan socks, made me want my own everyday sock pattern. I went through a pattern book looking for a pattern that appealed but also fit a mid-60s stitch count. Here's the one I chose:

It's basically a feather-and-fan that reverses after about 12 rows (where you were decreasing before, you increase, and vice versa). However, after one repeat I had a lumpy mess of pulling and pushing tensions that I was unconvinced would stay up on my leg.

I ripped and ripped and went back to the initial feather-and-fan-ish part, and stayed the course with that. And it occurred to me that since I rarely knit the same thing twice, maybe I'm not the sort to have an everyday sock pattern. Maybe all my socks will be different. Except for those self-striping "jacquard" socks, those pretty much have to be stockinette. I'm with Claudia on that.

The gin fog is dissapating and I'm becoming more alert now, but unfortunately the headache and nausea are rolling in. Note to future self: left-over lamb is lousy hangover food. I knew I should have brought a baked potato for lunch. Off to Dunkin's for a soothing cup o'joe.


Carole said...

I use Feather & Fan for my fall back pattern too - it's easy but it looks fancy. Yours look great. Hope the hangover eases up soon!

Jackie said...

It is for days like this that you should always keep some Annie's mac n cheese stored in your desk at work.

Trust me on this one. ;)

Beth S. said...

I get queasy just thinking of gin, thanks to this one day back in high school. Sigh.

Good luck with the lace. I don't suppose you feel like knitting more Juta's Stockings? That one could easily become a fallback pattern for me.

Laurie said...

Cuppa joe isn't so good either. Tea and good ole H20 are probably the best bets.

I like the before and after pix of the lace sock. Very instructive.

claudia said...

Gin is poison.

Gin + Jack? Better to shoot oneself in the head and just get it over with. You did right.

Rosemary said...

Peacock plumes is great for small bags and scarves. Not so good for socks. Even strenuously blocked, it's bumpy.

Gin. mmm. Hangover, not so mmm. I had one of those (also gin caused) while on the business trip last week. Oops.

elisa said...

Can I just tell you that I love you for writing a post that starts out describing easter with the sentence "I drank all the gin."? I can not tell you how that endears you to me. ;)