Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Going Commando*

*which in this case means without a camera, not without undies!

I am not as talented an artist as Jackie, so I'm not going to draw my recent life for you, but it's been busy. Work is amping up for the spring (and that's where I do most of my blogging), and in my spare time I've had Town Meeting, a birthday and been somewhat under the weather. So I did sort of drop the ball, blogwise, but things should start to settle down a bit now.

There was some knitting and spinning while I've been out. My Town Meeting knitting project was a circular shawl not unlike the one Grumperina abandoned recently. I was jonesing for some lace, and found the Knitter's Magazine Shawl and Scarves book at the bookstore. In it, there's an idea for a circular shawl knit on progressively larger needles--the increased gauge causes the shawl to wrap around your shoulders better. I chose a doily pattern off the Internet to use for my shawl and ordered some Knitpicks Alpaca. By the end of Town Meeting, I had knit about 1.5 feet in diameter and was ready to start the first border.

I also began knitting the York sweater from Noro Knits for the hubby. While stutifyingly boring (k2, p2, repeat ad infinitum), it wasn't my choice for Town Meeting knitting because sweaters tend to be less portable. I started on the sleeves and have gotten about half-way up on those.

In the meantime, in the little time I've been home watching videotaped episodes of 24 and American Idol, I've been sewing up the fishie blanket for the demon twins. Who, of course, are here now, so I'm late. Oops. Anyway, the fishie blanket. Grumperina had referred me to another knitter who had had extreme buckling issues with her fishie blanket. I was planning on sewing it up differently, so I foolishly thought I was immune. Well, that's not entirely true--I knew there would be some buckling, because no human can possibly knit 50+ identical fishies. Really, so impossible. But never in my wildest dreams did I envision the amount of buckling I had. Like major frost heaves hit the fishie blanket.

[Minor digression for an old college joke. Guy trying pick-up line on girl: "Hey, what's your sign?" Girl's response: "Frost heaves on road surface." Need I explain that I went to college in Vermont?]

I wound up having to overlap the fishies slightly on either end in order to get them to lay flat. Then I tried sewing the rows up, but they didn't line up well enough to prevent more major buckling. So--wait, Maryse, are you still reading?--I broke out my trusty crochet hook and picked up and crocheted a 1" border on both sides of the fishie rows. I'm hopeful that 2" of crochet between the fishie rows will sort of blend out the uneveness. There may still be some buckling, but hopefully it won't be quite so horrific.

I promise pictures tomorrow so you can all see the, umm, innovative (there's a spin for you) way I sewed up the fishies. I should get some more crocheting done tonight so we can see whether or not it helps. The boss is on vacation this week, so while the cat's away, the mouse will blog!


Jackie said...

Innovative.... I think it's the perfect description, no spin needed. Can't wait to see the pictures!

Carole said...

I'm anxious to see those fishies! Here fishy fishy fishy

maryse said...

yes i'm still reading! crochet's been known to hide many woes. i'm looking forward to seeing the fishies.

claudia said...

Hmmm. Buckling. Well, the blankie will still be warm and cuddly!

Laurie said...

Happy birthday! You were quiet about this one. Hope you are feeling better. Is it called OVER the weather when its done?