Friday, February 03, 2006

Village of the Damn Cat

*untouched photo

Look deeply into my eyes... relax... picture yourself floating on the gently rocking waves of the green sea... let yourself sink onto the bobbing raft... blink for me? Excellent.

Now listen to me: every time the phone rings, you will feed me tuna.
When you wake up, you will immediately sell the dog, to buy me more tuna.
Whenever I meow, you will do my bidding.

The cats shall inherit the earth! World domination will be ours!
Igor for President!


maryse said...


Jackie said...

Not gonna lie, that picture's a little freaky. I'd keep one eye open in your sleep ;)

margene said...

Moxie and Murphy think dogs (Schnauzers especially) should inherit the earth;-)

claudia said...

Yeah! Give cats a turn at the helm. Could it be worse??

cindy said... eye reduction won't help that cat!

mf said...

she looks almost identical to my kitty! ;o)) Cute!