Monday, February 13, 2006

A Boring Post

Nothing doing here at Martita Rampage.

I spun up the last of the Tequila Sunrise yarn and have been concentrating on knitting cotton fishies for a blanket for Melanie's twins. I have 21 fishies left and my unofficial Olympic challenge (doesn't meet the rules, since I started the fishies months and months ago) is to finish them in the next 2 weeks.

Which seems tight, but hopefully doable. I just became president of my (very small) garden club, and that has been sucking up quite a bit of time lately. And I plan to spend several hours playing in our nice, fresh, fluffy snow.

Cammy got some quality snowtime in on Sunday and was so worn out last night she couldn't keep her eyes open. You'd be talking to her, and she'd be looking at you, and the minute you'd finally shut up, her head would just d-r-o-p. It's exhausting leaping through snow when it comes up to your belly.

We need to buy her snow boots 'cause last winter I suspect she got a bit of frostbite on her paws and now, after 10-15 minutes in the snow, her paws become ultra-sensitive. It's sad, because it means she can't go snowshoeing with me, and she loves nothing more than playing in the snow. I'm considering the Endurance booties here; if they were good enough for the Iditarod, they should be good enough for a lazy golden retriever who just likes to go for the occasional snowy hike.

And here are some pictures to help you feel like spring is not lightyears away:

the lettuce I'm growing in the basement

the paperwhites I have strewn all over the house

The picture I don't need to see is the young, confused poppy and iris foliage in the garden, now frozen beneath a foot of snow. I just hope it comes back.

Off to snowshoe this afternoon, for the first time this winter!


maryse said...

how are you growing lettuce in the basement?

Carole said...

OH! I love paperwhites! They always bring such a spring feeling to the house.

claudia said...

My poor neglected snowshoes...

Beth S. said...

Garden club? And you're the head honcho? How very cool! :-)

Cassie said...

Snow and paperwhites in February are NOT boring.