Monday, January 16, 2006

An Unusually Productive Week

This is my slow season at work, which gives me the time to try lots of new things. Come spring, I'll be lucky if I have time to cook dinner when I come home. So I do try to take advantage of the wintertime to do stuff, not just sit around and watch tv.

This week's creative endeavor was to carve, on a wood plank, a scene of Amesbury's Main Street (old houses lining the Merrimack River) two different ways: one positive image, one negative image. Here's how they came out:

Umm, not so good. I learned something from this task: I'll stick to linoleum. I was initially attracted to wood because it's so much cheaper, but for a beginner I think lino is the way to go. Wood is harder to carve, and absorbs the paint, so even when you think you've inked the image enough, you're lucky if you get an image on the paper.

I found an interesting thing every day this week but Friday--wasn't really paying attention on Friday, oops. Some days there were so many choosing one was difficult.
Monday there was a border collie pup at the vet's whose stomach was full of rocks (word to the wise, don't let your puppy eat stones);
Tuesday I received my favorite local sports figure's cell phone # and address, which I will never use (or share). I am contemplating embroidering it on a pillow, surrounded by hearts and flowers;
Wednesday there was an omnipresent low tide--all over town the air smelled briny and muddy like a clam just pulled out of the bay;
Thursday had the most amazing reddish-gold sunset, like a glowing blood orange suspended over the ocean (there's an image);
and on Saturday I had a spinning wheel lesson from Melanie, who is very kindly loaning me Odette for a little bit (that's called "burying the lede" in journalism, friends).

And also on Saturday, I finished my Jaywalkers, the first pair of socks I have ever knit for myself!
please ignore the skinny white legs

I never understood the handknit sock obsession before, but now I get it. They're soft, they're warm, they're unique, and they fit. More socks for me! I love them so much that I immediately cast on for a pair of Juta's socks, from Folk Knitting in Estonia, with some Knit Picks sock yarn I bought (yes, I caved on my de-stashing pledge--I promised the hubby a sweater, so I had to buy yarn, and some sockweight stowed away on the package).

And thanks to that, combined with Odette, who is rocking my world (but that's another post for another day), I have Resolution #4: Learn to Spin Sock Yarn.


mf said...

they look great! Which colorway is that??? Missed you last Wed, I was byself so I left!

maryse said...

those are great socks! i'm smitten too.

i love the smell of the sea, even if it's kind of smelly.

and who is that sports person ... email it to me... i won't tell. i'm like a vault.


KathyB said...

Oh man! I'm glad your swizzle Jaywalkers came out so fabulous. I have two balls of it and was certain they'd Jaywalk nicely, but now I'm REALLY sure!

Ellen in Conn said...

My MassArt room-mate, way back theen, did her woodcuts on pear wood. Maybe she bought the wood at Utrecht on Newbury St, maybe not.