Thursday, January 05, 2006

Resolutions #2 and #3, and the Whirling Socks of Guilt

After much deliberation, I have decided on Resolutions #2 and #3:

2. Improve my speech. I don't mean the cussing--I work at a landscape company and given the environment I pretty much have to cuss as a protective colorant, like a chameleon blends with foliage. I mean the poor grammar. I am not one of those people who write exactly like they speak. When I talk, I say things like "I gotta go" or "you did good." My primary reason for wanting to correct these bad habits is that my friends have small children, and I say these things to the children. The poor toddlers are trying to learn verb tenses and verb-pronoun agreement, and Auntie Moo comes over and says "you did good." I'm not doing them any favors. Kids do change everything--even when they're someone else's kids.

3. Do something creative most days. To some extent I agree with Margene in "do or not do, there is no try," and I know "most days" seems like a cop-out, but if I say "every day" I am setting myself up for failure. I decided that knitting doesn't count unless I'm creating the pattern, and blogging doesn't count as writing (although perhaps it should). The intention behind this resolution is for me to get my watercolors out more, try woodblock printing again, write some stories, that sort of thing.

While I've been mulling over resolutions, I completed a pair of socks for the hubby. I neglected to mention that when his holiday presents finally arrived (Dec. 30th--still in time for Hanukkah!), we discovered that I had screwed up the order. So I am awash in holiday guilt. I know he loves, loves, loves his Lite Lopi socks, and I happened to have 3 balls lying around the house, so I whipped up a pair (as you can imagine, they knit up quickly).

I also found him the Family Guy DVD he had been pining for, at BJ's of all places (after spending hours searching Best Buy and Circuit City).

Then I cast on for a pair of Jaywalkers.

Do I feel less guilty? Not really, no.

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Laurie said...

Nice recovery. I think you did enough penance. A couple of fists hitting the chest, and you're done.