Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year's Resolution #1

"Something interesting happens every day, she said."
Nigel Nicolson (Vita Sackville-West's son) quoting Virginia Woolf

Blockbuster Video was having a sale on pre-viewed DVDs, and I bought The Hours. Amongst the special features was an interview with historians and literature professors about Virginia Woolf, and it included a bit with Nigel Nicolson, who remembered Woolf from when he was young and she was cavorting with his mother. Woolf would grill the children every day, asking them what they had done, what they had seen, what interesting things had happened. And she wouldn't take "nothing" for an answer; the kids had to find something interesting, a pink sunrise, a surprise meeting, to relate. Nicolson said he realized later on that with those interrogations, Woolf was gathering material.

And it made me think of the number of times I come home and say nothing has happened, I had a boring day. So Resolution #1 is to find the interesting part of every day, or do something interesting to create it if need be, because it's just wrong to have boring days.

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maryse said...

i've been catching up on my blog reading today -- and there have been some interesting resolutions out in blogland -- i like yours. because i think we say "nothing" because we're just a little lazy.

hmmm -- as an exercise i should write one thought a day -- make a list. thanks for the idea