Monday, January 30, 2006

Just another tequila sunrise

Mmmm, tequila.

I bought two Corriedale cross batts from Grafton Fibers, colors 203 and 204, and attempted to make striping yarn. Now I have the Eagles stuck in my head, because this yarn looks like nothing so much as a Tequila Sunrise.

I spun from the two batts in succession, one chunk of 203, one chunk of 204, trying to keep the chunks about the same size throughout two bobbins and trying to make the second bobbin match the first. There was some transitional barberpoling, for you barberpole haters out there, but I was pleasantly surprised by how often the colors matched up. Here's how it looked on the bobbin:

and here's how it looked, plied and blocked:

(I know, crappy photos--sorry! There was no light this morning, not even outside.)

It was wildly entertaining (you know, if you are very easily entertained) and the anticipation of how it would all ply up kept me spinning all day yesterday. The real proof of the pudding, knitting it up, will have to wait for quite a while because I have a backlog of projects into the beginning of summer. But I'm hoping it will be well-suited for sock yarn. Now that I know at least how it plied up, I can concentrate more on my knitting. Seriously, that's how easily amused I am.

A little music story for you: years ago, my roommates and I had a piano and one of us was trying to learn to play "Desperado." Every night, she would come home from work and pound away at the keys, belting at the top of her lungs "Desperado, why don't you come to your senses? You've been out riding fences for so long now..." To this day I cannot listen to that song.

And, for Rosemary, here is a photo of my second attempt at a sourdough starter. It's not a purist version--it does use 1/8th of a teaspoon of yeast and will be put in a bread machine. I had to toss my first attempt because it looked like it was fermenting, but it didn't smell or grow any. As you warned me, this batch doubled in about six hours and is unquestionably livin' large.


claudia said...

Thanks for the earworm.



melanie said... and grafton fibers after what, 2 weeks with Odette? Damn, woman!

margene said...

So beautiful even in crappy photo! I adore the Eagles and Desperado is one of my favorite albums.
Sour dough...oh my, yum! You've got a bunch of good things going on today!

Laurie said...

That looks like it will be fun to knit with.

I couldn't get good pix today either.

mf said...

Looks GREAT! Your doing so awesome!

Maggie said...

my my, you've been busy! Looks lovely! As for the Sour Dough...yummmm!

Rosemary said...

Mmm. Sourdough. If this one doesn't survive, let me know and I'll share some of my way too healthy culture with you.

judy said...

whoa... rosemary, sourdough, eagles, tequila, AND spinning... darned if I'm not on your wavelength