Thursday, December 22, 2005

Picture, of a sort

Okay, when you see this picture, repeat to yourself: "He has other skills, he's a good cook, he has a kind heart..."

I do not think we can underestimate what a terrible photographer my husband is. Granted, he's using a cell phone camera, but still. This is a bad picture. But it is a picture, of Rogue and her matching mittens:

Unlike Yarn Harlot, I have not deliberately blurred this picture. I am not trying to hide poor finish work (although I probably should) or a lumpy zipper. How is it that every picture my husband takes turns out to be illegibly blurry? Does he have a palsy I haven't noticed?

Rogue fits so well and is so comfortable it has quickly become my favorite sweater. It's the perfect hanging-out-on-Saturday hoodie. It makes me want to knit more hoodies. I even thought about knitting another Rogue, and I very rarely repeat patterns.

There's another picture stored on the cell phone, showing Rogue's hood, but given the quality of this one, I'll wait until I can get a decent photo. 'Cause I'm guessing that one doesn't really show much of Rogue's hood anyway.

Sorry for the crappy pix. Happy Holidays to you all, whichever and however many holidays you celebrate. There is nothing I can say that others haven't said better already. May we all celebrate our holidays together in peace and harmony.

In my house, we'll be thinking of you all while we eat our turkey and latkes. Keep your fingers away from the food! The hubby and I are like starving wolverines.


melanie said...

I'm so sorry but I have to say this - it totally looks like you're grabbing your boobs in this picture.

There. I said it. I'm sorry.

I can't wait to see Rogue in person! It looks like it fits perfectly!

margene said...

Even blurry you can tell everything is very nice. Have a peaceful and delightful Holiday.

claudia said...

If I made two Rogues, so can you.


Happy Holidays!

Laurie said...

Melanie's a friend, eh? Cute.

The FOs always look better in person, no matter how good (or bad) the fotog is. We can wait. If you are happy with it, we certainly will be!

Jackie said...

Melanie said it, and she's right - it does look like it fits perfectly. But not like you're grabbing your boobs. It's more like you're trying to cover them up, like there are boobie holes in your sweater or something.

Just sayin. ;)

Hope you have a great holiday!


mf said...

Melanie cracks me up!!! heeeheee I have to admit I was thinking the same thing.. Can't wait to see the rogue & mittens in person they look great in the picture!