Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Long Time Coming

It's been forever since we've had a finished object over here at Martita Rampage. But finally, I can present the finished Dale:

possibly the worst cell phone camera picture ever taken

It's done, people. Whew. And while it is not the most flattering garment, it is comfortable and warm. And lovely. Not that you would know it from that picture.

I have completed mitten #1 of the prettiest mittens ever. Now, I know you all think your mittens are pretty, and of course they are. Just not as pretty as mine. Oh, I'm kidding, they are so. But still, gaze upon the loveliness:

Left: palm; right: back of hand

The hubby likes my mitten so much he wants his own, more manly, pair of gloves now. So I guess I'll have to knit those before I can start the Jaywalkers I have been yearning for.

Having finished Ethan Frome, I am now reading The Barn at the End of the World (a recent Mamacate read). If, like me, you have always harbored a desire to keep sheep, this book should be required reading.

Lastly, I offer you a vision of tropical beauty, my cymbidium orchid. It usually blooms in January and February--when you really need it--but this year it is early. While I wish it had waited until February, it's so cold out that I am still appreciating the blooms. I like to look at it and pretend I am in a nice, humid jungle somewhere south of here.

Isn't it a happy plant?


Laurie said...

I get a hint of the impact of the sweater. That is an amazing amt of work! The mittens are perfect for today, with temps <20 degrees all day. Next time, keep 'em out of sight. The list grows long.

maryse said...

wow, the sweater looks great.

did you like ethan frome? you should see the movie with liam neeson. but maybe when it's warmer like in july. the movie makes you feel cold.

melanie said...

WOW. Seriously. It makes me dizzy looking at that sweater. Very Impressed Indeed!!

And your orchids are Freaking Gorgeous!

claudia said...

Today is a good Dale day. Nice work.

benedetta said...

that sweater deserves a better picture!

love the mittens, they certainly are the prettiest.

so, now, would you ever call a child Ethan?

Cassie said...

That is one amazing sweater, even in a blurry picture. I'd love to see some detail shots or even just an unblurry picture - for the full impact, of course. ;-)

margene said...

What a fine accomplishment! The sweater is very nice and the mittens are about the best looking I've seen anywhere. Nice work on both!