Thursday, December 29, 2005

Holiday Hoedown

Oh, hi! What am I doing? Oh, I'm vacuuming, thanks for asking.

But how can I be vacuuming and typing at the computer at the same time? Why, with my new Roomba!

We spent the better part of Christmas following the Roomba around the house. It is truly a miraculous machine. Sure, it gets hung up on a few rugs, but boy, is it convenient. And the house is the cleanest it's been in ages.

While you can buy a scheduler for your Roomba, so it will vacuum while you are at work or asleep, our Roomba needs a little supervision, especially on the edges of the living room rug. And sometimes it will get so intent on fitting into a corner of the room it can't fit into that it will ignore a big patch in the center. Having a Roomba doesn't mean you'll never need to vacuum again, but when you do, you'll just be spot-vacuuming areas the Roomba can't reach.

The husband gets big props for the Roomba. And for another gift as well: the tough hockey player bought his little wifey a new sewing machine, because he knew I needed one.

What he didn't know is that a couple of weeks ago, when I was getting ready to sew the zipper in on Rogue, I went out and bought one myself. Oops. But they are very different machines (the one I bought is heavy-duty commercial, the one he bought is lightweight hobby) so I will keep them both and never, ever tell him. It was an incredibly thoughtful gift. I got a little teary-eyed over it. And promptly put the one I bought down in the basement, pretending it was the old, broken one. You are all sworn to double-secret secrecy.

He also bought me a gift certificate to the LYS, which I'm thinking might go toward a sweater's worth of Kid Silk Haze. Remember that lacy scoopneck I was thinking about making? Then I saw this. It's lacy, it's sexy (well, I think so at least), I wouldn't have to massively re-write the pattern.

Now, imagine how guilty I am feeling: Fed Ex has STILL not delivered the only thing my husband wanted for Christmas (hockey equipment). They swear it's not lost, they're just waaaaaaay behind on their deliveries. Luckily I had a few small gifties, and I did manage to finish his Hanukkah gloves. Although not until the third night of Hanukkah.

He says he loves them, but I know he just wants his hockey stuff :(


melanie said...

Them's some kick ass gloves, lady!

Laurie said...

GREAT gloves! They look like potential hockey equipment...while on the sidelines.

Jackie said...

Those gloves are awesome!!

You totally cracked me up with the sewing machine debacle. What a total sweetheart! Good thing you guys didn't buy the same model ;)

mf said...

OMG!! Which model did you get I've been wanting to get one myself since they came out but thought I'd wait for them to improve them a bit. Nice Gloves. Sorry about the hockey eqipment not showing up yet. When were they expected? I'd definately call the company back for some refunds in shipping espeically with FedEx!
Happy vaccuming!

maryse said...

ooh such pretty gloves

my parent inlaws got a roomba -- they love it