Thursday, December 01, 2005

Busy day at work

I said I'd do the Internet questionnaire, so here it is:

10 Things you might not know about me
1. I’m allergic to wool.
2. I am going deaf in my right ear, specifically in the range in which men’s voices lie (well, some of you know that). I found this far more amusing than the technician who tested my hearing did.
3. I love old movies, even bad ones.
4. Sometimes I listen to 1930s radio serials at work on the magical Internet radio.
5. I wish I were funnier.
6. I am prone to vertigo. When I went to see my doctor about it initially, I told her that all that drunk driving I did in college was finally paying off. She did not see the humor. But it’s true.
7. I served on my town’s Historical Commission for six years and chaired it for two.
8. Since I’ve been working at the landscape office, I’ve developed a mouth like a sailor. Or a landscaper, as it turns out. Cussed in front of clients? I sure have!
9. I still get excited about snow. I like it more than my little toddler friends do (so why am I cutting out these #$%&* snowflakes?)
10. When I was little, people thought I was a boy because my mom made me keep my thick unruly hair very short.

9 places I’ve visited
1. London
2. Ireland
3. California
4. Canada
5. Florida (I am quite the world traveler, can you tell?)
6. Pittsburgh (and you thought Florida was exciting)
7. Bahamas
8. Turks and Caicos
9. Washington D. C.

8 ways to win my heart
1. Be persistent.
2. Give me a puppy.
3. Be unapologetically quirky.
4. Have a hearty appetite.
5. Like the occasional glass of wine.
6. Eat dessert first.
7. Know which rules are important and which ones are silly.
8. Cut out snowflakes for small children for me.

7 things I want to do before I die
1. Go to Egypt and Morroco.
2. Write a book. I used to think it had to be great literature; now I think it can be any crappy dreck as long as I get it done. Publication would be nice, but I’m realistic. Although I think my odds are better with crappy dreck.
3. See Machu Picchu. Thanks to my asthma, it will require a helicopter drop and lots of money.

(Honestly, I don’t have a lot on this list, and I’ll tell you why. Both my parents died young, so about 20 years ago I made a “things I want to do before I die” list and started checking it off. Take mandolin lessons? Check. Make a quilt? Decided not to. Learn to watercolor paint? Done (not well, but done). There’s not much left. That “write a book” thing, it’s time to get that done.)

6 things I’m afraid of
1. Being hungry.
2. Being cold.
3. Pandemic disease, because the hubby drives an airport limo in the winter.
4. Cancer.
5. Fire.
6. Evil crazy people.

5 things I don’t like
1. Cutting out snowflakes.
2. When my boss pees behind the hydroseeder. We have bathrooms.
3. Chatting on the phone.
4. Demagogues.
5. Conservative talk shows. Yes, that’s right, my husband swears by Fox News. We are an odd couple.

4 ways to turn me off
1. Be rude.
2. Think you know everything in the world, when in fact… not so much.
3. Slap your small child across the face. (I am not necessarily anti-spanking, though)
4. Yammer endlessly at Town Meeting, on every single warrant article. Like our townspeople care what you think about every issue before town government, and like we can’t make a decision without hearing your opinion first.

3 things I do every day
1. Drink two cups of coffee, usually 100% decaf, sometimes 25% caf.
2. Read the morning paper.
3. Eat three squares. Not negotiable. It is an understatement to say that I do not handle hunger well.

2 things that make me happy
1. Internet radio. A godsend at work, where I’m alone in an office all day, with not an iota of radio reception.
2. Hiking in the woods with my dog before work.

1 thing on my mind right now
1. Cutting out snowflakes.

I'm not tagging anyone, because in the holiday spirit of inclusiveness Maryse and Crazy Aunt Purl have pretty much tagged everyone in the universe! Are you breathing? You've already been tagged.


Anonymous said...

Mandolin lessons? Wow. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone doing that before. At least, I've never met a blogger who did it. Go you!


maryse said...

i have to agree with kestrel on the mandolin lessons. do you still play?

and how can you have that fox news drivel on in your house!!?? he doesn't watch bill o'reilly does he?!

wait don't tell me -- i don't want to know.

claudia said...


Oh my god. How did you manage to spin?