Friday, November 25, 2005

This morning was so cold...

How cold was it?

It was so cold I started knitting my Dale again.

The body is done, up to the point of sleeve attachment:
(admire the teeny, tiny ribbing under the massive sweater--why, why?? The whole sweater reeks of "what was I thinking?" It looks like an elephant's trunk warmer. A nicely-patterned, toasty trunk warmer, you know, for those chilly circus days.)

Upon investigating my long-abandoned Dale bag, I discovered that Sleeve #1 has only ten more rows of cuff pattern before arriving at the boring navy blue, knit-while-you-read part again. Which is perfect because I just started an Agatha Christie yesterday (Peril at End House) and I've gotten somewhat absorbed. I never realized before what an egotistical ass Hercule Poirot was; it adds interest and dimension to his character and frankly, I hadn't given Dame Christie credit for the writing chops before. I always thought she was kind of a mystery hack with decent plotting but not much in the way of characterization. Seems I was a bit wrong.

The self-striping socks are done and prepared for their trip to Philly--I just have to wait until their auxiliary gift is released and then the package will be in the mail. And I knit several pattern repeats of the Aran pocket shawl (an excellent knit-while-reading project)... but I haven't touched the Turkish sock. Honestly, it's kind of a pain in the butt.

Thanksgiving was fun and relaxing for once--instead of cooking I got the day off (well, I had to clean house and bake a gingerbread, but still). We went out to dinner with the SIL and then took the dogs (plural, we are dogsitting my cousin's hyperactive, OCD-afflicted black lab) for a run and swim at the beach, and then came home to share the gingerbread and cocktails with friends and their small children.

And now I sit in my chilly office (yes, had to work today), wearing my gauntlets for warmth. It's cold here, people.


julia fc said...

I think it looks great. The ribbing not to your liking anymore? tink it and rip. it will be fine.

Laurie said...

I'm not finding stuff wrong with what I'm seeing. Too tight? Try it on....