Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

I know a more appropriate lyric would be "Singing in the Rain," but instead I'm thinking snow.

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I went to the ceramics store to paint mugs for holiday gifts? And I thought two would come out okay, and two wouldn't? Well, I was right. Two of the mugs came out of the kiln even better than I had expected, with rich, bright green holly leaves and pine trees and blazing red berries and candy canes.

I am usually not the cutesy-hearts-inside-the-bottom-of-the-mug sort, but these are for my little 5 and 3 year old friends and their parents. It is a policy in their household that when the kids come in from playing outside, they may have "winter coffee" (what the kids call hot chocolate) in their choice of mug.

But two of the mugs were not successful. Instead of having snowflakes and snowmen on a dark sky blue background, they are a solid pale sky-blue, with odd flecks of white, like there were zinc fragments in the blue paint.

So I'm off to the ceramics store again tomorrow to paint two more mugs, hopefully more successfully this time.

In order to get snowflakes and snowmen to show up on my mugs, I need to find a way to paint around them, sort of a reverse stencil that will leave the snowflake unpainted and deposit paint around it. First, I tried to cut out snowflakes from folded paper--but (this is sad) I couldn't remember how. That's just a skill I thought you never lost, you know?

So off to the magic Internet. After a lightning-fast Google search, I found snowflakes. Not only are they snowflake templates, they are based on real snowflake shapes, the kinds found in nature! So if you're at all interested in snowflakes (or crystallography), it's kind of cool. Or if you just need to cut out a few snowflakes.

Me, I copied and pasted them onto labels, which I am painstakingly cutting out with cuticle scissors (so fun). I intend to stick the snowflakes onto the mugs and paint around them. The paint had better not slide under the label adhesive, that's all I have to say. I have better things to do with my time than cut out dozens of eeensy, meensy snowflakes.

There will be no knitting until the snowflakes are done.


maryse said...

you are a good friend.

Laurie said...

Love the snowflake templates! The good mugs came out really< good.