Friday, November 11, 2005

Initial sock planning

First, measure the fleece sock I wish to mimic. Its dimensions:
9” at cuff
decreasing to 7 ½” at ankle
increasing back to 9” by end of heel

Cuff to back of heel: 7 ½”
Cuff to ankle: 4 ¾”
Ankle to back of heel: 2 ¾”

Gauge: 6 ½ stitches = 1”

Cast on (6.5*9=59 stitches)
Cuff pattern requires 6 stitch repeat = 60 stitches

Must decrease 1 ½ inches in width over 4 ¾ inches in length
1.5 inches at 6.5 stitches/inch = 10 stitches over 4.75 inches in length
= 2 stitches an inch should do it. It’ll be a quarter-inch longer but that’s okay.

Sock leg pattern requires multiple of 25. Chart out one and a bit repeats with decreases, work from chart.

Turn heel the “normal” way, but work increases over front of sock to regain 9” width.
Must increase 10 stitches over 2.75” = 3.64 stitches/inch. Closest solution: increase 3 stitches an inch over 3 inches. New stitch count: 59.

Did I mention the different sole pattern? Sole pattern requires 2 stitch repeat, instep pattern same 25 stitch repeat. Separate sock for instep and sole patterns. Chart out one and a bit patterns for instep, work from chart.

Work toe decreases as usual, end sock.

Anyone see any glaring math errors yet? Hope not! (slow day at work)

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