Sunday, November 20, 2005

All Over but the Sewing...

and the cussing. I do not set sleeves in well. My knitting career has been carefully arranged to avoid setting sleeves in, ever since I made one of those Scandinavian ski sweaters (the one with the hearts) in college and wound up with poufy sleeves. And the zipper? I can't wait to sew in the zipper. Sounds like a hoot.

Speaking of hoots, wouldn't you think a dog bandanna would be something you could whip up in, say, 15 minutes? Oh no. 5 dog bandannas, three and a half hours. And I have 5 more to make, for sale at a Garden Club fundraiser. Triangles seem so simple, all those straight lines. They're really not, they're kind of a bitch. And my cheap loser of a sewing machine isn't helping me any.

But enough complaining. I have about 200 yards of new fluffy cream-colored yarn all skeined up and ready to knit, Rogue is almost done, and self-striping sock #2 is past its heel. And it's a beautiful day.

P.S. Thank you to those who have referenced Montse Stanley's book on their blogs. I'd never heard of it and checked it out from the library out of curiousity. Now it's on my Christmas list!


melanie said...

Yay Almost Done Rogue!!

Laurie said...

You go girl! Homestretch it is. The rewards are great, for all the pain that it may be.