Thursday, October 20, 2005

The New Mrs. Unpronouncable-Unspellable-Name

I've been a bad blogger. I've been back for one and a half weeks. Work's just been busy, you know? No time to blog. But I seem to be getting caught up now.

The shawls got done in time, if you define "in time" as 11:30 p.m. the night before the rehearsal dinner. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures yet, but my bridesmaids were very happy to have them, because it was about 40 degrees F the night I got married. By 10:00 pm it was so cold at the reception you could see your breath. By 1:00 am, those of us still awake were huddled around a campfire (I was wearing a blanket over my shoulders for additional warmth). Even the bridesmaid who had previously been ambivalent about receiving a hand-knit shawl thanked me profusely and said it really helped keep her warm...or at least warm-ish.

Friday night's rehearsal dinner bordered on being a debacle. The rehearsal was supposed to start at 6:30, but at 6:15 the groom went on a beer run and the minister was nowhere in sight. So we started eating as guests and participants straggled in. The groom returned with the beer around 7:45 and the minister arrived around 8:00 (oops, I forgot to email her directions), so we had the rehearsal around 9:30 that evening. That's about when I calmed down.

Saturday started out a beautiful fall day. We held the rehearsal, wedding and reception at a camp with wooden, screened-in cabins (where my family slept), a pond, playing fields and a climbing wall. Saturday morning, we kayaked under the fall leaves and some of us climbed the rock wall.

The wedding went without a hitch (except I flubbed a few words), and the reception was beautiful and delicious (largely thanks to the caterers).

Here's your chilly bride (groom in the background):
Oh, and the name? The only way I can remember how to spell it is to sing it to the Mickey Mouse theme song. You know, "MIC...KEY...MOUSE!" The husband LOVES it when I do that.

We left for our honeymoon the following Tuesday, off to the mountains of British Columbia--do you notice a theme here? Cold? The first winter snows had fallen on the mountaintops and there was frost on the grass at the lodge. We went on horseback rides,

hiked local trails, saw the Fraser Canyon, had massages, and ate way, way too much gourmet food. So much food that my new husband stopped attending meals--figuring if he sat down at the table, he'd eat too much. So much food that I joked about letting myself go, only to repent a few days later. So much food that we both gained about 7 pounds in as many days.

We had our own cabin, overlooking the mountains, cow pasture and creek. Here's a view of the cabin from the creek:

After we left the lodge, we went to Seattle to spend a few days with friends. We saw the Space Needle, shopped at Pike Place Market, went on the Underground Tour, and visited the zoo. All in all, an awesome honeymoon.

I know I said there would be no knitting on the honeymoon but I lied. I finished the sleeves to Rogue and then jammed the entire body (cardiganized) onto 12" straight needles.

Here's where Rogue stands now:
The two front halves are on the circular needle and the back is on the straights.

And I missed Vermont Sheep and Wool, Rhinebeck, and Yarn Harlot. Sigh.


melanie said...

Welcome back!! I'm so glad you had a lovely wedding and honeymoon. You look beautiful!!

...back to the grind, Mrs.

Cassie said...

More wedding pictures! I love the one of you ... the smile on your face is priceless. Welcome back!

claudia said...

You looked beautiful at your wedding. YEAH!

Think about all the free time you'll have now.


maryse said...

congratulations and welcome back!

mf said...

Welcome back! You looked wonderful! Glad you had a great wedding reception, wedding and honeymoon! The lodge looks like a wonderful quiet place. romantic?! ;o)
Knitting on your honeymmon?? hmm you bad girl!! But the rogue looks great! miens still sleeveless of course and now is when I could use it....
Hope to see you soon!