Monday, October 24, 2005

New Goal for the New Season

We had the Summer of Lace; we now enter the Winter of Stash Reduction.

That's right, you heard me: no new yarn. I'll pause for a minute to allow some of you to take a few deep, calming breaths. And there are two loopholes; let that knowledge wash over you like soothing clear water from a mountain stream.

For I know the fear those words can cause. It seems a number of my knitting brethren have, how to put this kindly? stashing issues, a tendency I neither share nor completely understand.

Oh, sure, I understand the impulse purchase, or the deep-sale-that-cannot-be-denied. But at some point don't you say, enough?

I should point out that I have a very, very low tolerance for clutter. So low that it frightens my cluttery friends. "Stop! Don't throw that out!" they say. "You might need it someday!"

Well, I'm a gambling girl, and I'm willing to bet I won't. But there are two things even I can't throw out: perfectly good yarn and salvagable plants (that's another story for another day. Let's just say my yard is a shrub orphanage).

Over the years I have accumulated, as do we all, leftover skeins from finished objects, yarn from frogged sweaters, the odd balls of gift yarn. And I say, enough. If I'm saving yarn to use someday, it's time that day came already.

Oh, I almost forgot the two loopholes. The only new yarn allowed in my house before spring (or the stash is depleted) is:
1) yarn required to finish a stash-reduction project;
2) yarn I spin myself. Because this is also the winter of spinning.

So Rogue has a new friend: these gauntlets (pdf), last seen here. I'm knitting them entirely from stash yarn (mostly from my first handspun, with some other stash yarn to bolster the yardage).

The rest of my winter plans involve hats, socks, bags, pillows, etc. Any patterns or suggestions you all can make are very appreciated! And Rogue of course is in the pipeline, and the purple yarn I bought last month is scheduled for the lace sweater I mentioned. Although there is another sweater I have my eye on... but I think the purple yarn is too bulky for it. And that sweater would make a superb spring, new yarn purchase anyway.

The Winter of Stash Reduction should accomplish two, two, two goals in one: umm, obviously, stash reduction, but also it should save money, as the dog is running up some hefty vet bills and may require $$$$$ surgery (we'll know more after her CT scan on Wednesday. Did I mention the vet bills?). And we all know about this winter's projected heating costs... I've already encased my house in window plastic, since the dog is getting the dream new storm window budget.

I sure could use those gauntlets right now, as it is 3:30 am (mild insomnia) and really, really cold in here... time to get back into a nice, warm bed.

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Cassie said...

I bow to your (soon to be) stashless willpower.