Thursday, October 27, 2005

In lieu of knitting...

I've decided to entertain you with 39 Things About Me. There has been knitting, the gauntlets are almost finished and I love them already. Me, the one who once asked just what was the point of gauntlets? Now I get it. Gauntlet pics soon, but 'til then...

39 Things About Me

1. I grew up in Pennsylvania, too long ago to mention.
2. An active toddler, I climbed the refrigerator, swung from the drapes. My parents had to put bars on my windows.
3. I locked myself in the bathroom and the fire department had to come bust the door down.
4. My mom taught me to knit when I was 6, on pencils, to help me sit still.
5. We lived in the city but we had a dog pen in the back yard, in which my mom kept a full-grown ram and a flock of ducks.
6. The ram’s name was Hymie. We used to ride him like a pony.
7. Until he died. My mom told me that Hymie wasn’t happy living with us, so she gave him to a farm. 20 years later, my sister told me that Hymie died overnight and my mom had to get a crane there to remove his corpse before I woke up.
8. The ducks were later killed by our neighbor’s hunting dogs.
9. We did not live in a great neighborhood—I was mugged for my Halloween candy as a child. More than once.
10. And one of our neighbors was murdered but my mom was pretty sure the husband did it, because he hit on her shortly afterward.
11. I think that’s about when we moved out of the city.
12. We got our first horse when I was 5, a gift from a cousin who couldn’t keep her horse anymore. Over the years we had five horses (at separate times).
13. From when I was 6 ‘til I was about 22, we showed the horses on summer weekends.
14. My honeymoon was the first time I've ridden since then.
15. I’ve mucked my share of stalls.
16. One summer I paid my way through summer camp by mucking stalls. I smelled bad that summer.
17. I have very strong opinions.
18. I tend to hold them in for a while and then go on a tear, which my friend Mike used to call a Rampage.
19. He would sing, “Martita Rampage, Martita Rampage, la la la la la la la” (to “La Cucaracha”) when I had one.
20. I think the world needs more eccentrics. It’s just another form of creativity.
21. I’m a music snob.
22. I’m not naming names here because I really don’t need angry emails from random pissed-off band fans with Google, but I loathe the major Irish band with the tiny, elvish singer with delusions of political grandeur. Their music bores me.
23. I’m a book snob, too, although less so, ‘cause I think the occasional trashy novel should be mandatory.
24. But there’s well-written trash and poorly-written trash. I meant well-written.
25. But you know what? There’s nothing wrong with a well-written fluffy pop song, either.
26. In fact, I’d prefer a well-written pop song to another one of those earnest “change the world by changing yourself” songs. At least it wouldn’t preach to me, you know?
27. So maybe I’m not as big a snob as I thought.
28. I sing to my pets. They love it. Really. They leave the room when my husband sings. He is wicked tone-deaf.
29. I have a lousy vocabulary for an English major.
30. I went to grad school for historic preservation and architectural history, but I didn’t finish the degree. Turns out there’s no money in it.
31. I worked for a major local university and then for a large corporation. I loved the university but hated the corporation.
32. Now I work as the office manager for a landscape company.
33. I have a 10-minute commute.
34. If it’s really slow at work, I can knit and read. And write.
35. I am seriously underemployed, but I like it. Because it’s just me, I have to learn lots of stuff—-stuff I wouldn’t have to learn if I worked for a big corporation, because they have people to do all those things.
36. My yard is full of shrubs our clients have thrown out.
37. They come to me half-dead (that’s why our clients had them yanked in the first place). It takes years to bring them back, if they come back at all.
38. I’m patient.
39. And cheap.

Hope you have enjoyed this informational interlude! I'll go knit on my gauntlets now.


Juno said...

SO with you on the Major Irish Band and the need for well written trash along side Great Works.

maryse said...

poorly written anything bugs the crap out of me. and i agree that there's well written trash out there.

thanks for the 39 things.

i went to college in PA -- where did you grow up?

yarnspin said...

Heh. I also can't stand U2. You rule.