Friday, October 28, 2005

Cunning, the gauntlet

Look what I finished last night:

I know they're not that colorful, unless, like me, you dig shades of grey, but they are knit from my very first homespun (thank you Scullery Maid!) Remember the roving she gave me, and Claudia's CD spindle? They created the light grey yarn. Yay!

Pattern note: The pattern calls for two 124-yard hanks of a heavy worsted yarn (rec. gauge 4 st/in), although it states that you won't need the entire second hank. The author also notes that she went down a needle size to knit tightly at the pattern's gauge (5 st/inch), which I did not, having a lighter yarn. I had initially thought I wouldn't have enough homespun (150 yards) to complete two gauntlets, so I used dark grey stash yarn for the first inch and a half of each. It turned out I had plenty. However, I will probably knit future gauntlets tighter, either by altering the pattern or using a heavier yarn.

I wore the gauntlets today at work, and I love them so much I am going to make 2 more pairs, one for home and one for a co-worker. Both from stash yarn, natch. I almost lost my willpower and went to my LYS to buy some cinnamon-y red wool boucle on sale, but regained sight of my goal, stiffened my spine and resisted. And reminded myself that I have some Lotus Pink Brown Sheep that will make very pretty gauntlets.

Also last night, I went to the local "paint-your-own-pottery" shop and painted four mugs for holiday gifts. An acquaintance invited me and I thought it would be rude not to go, so I went, one of those things. But it was a lot more fun than I had expected--I really enjoyed it, actually--although the jury is still out on the mugs. They'll be out of the kiln next Wednesday and we'll know then whether or not they are giftable. It's not cheap; I paid $44 for four mugs, two of which are very sketchy. But you're paying for the experience, too, which was excellent.

In other Martita Rampage news, after a substantial investment, our dog Cammy was deemed tumor-free, so her seizures are officially epilepsy-related. So now we know and can stop worrying. She's doing well on her meds and life is pretty much back to normal. Whew.


scullerymaid said...

Beeyootiful! Nice spinning there. I'm thinking gauntlets are the way to go this fall, not to mention all those little bits of handspun that need to become something wearable. I'm happy to hear the good dog news, too.

Jackie said...

They're gorgeous! They look really soft too.

You know, I was wondering about that paint your own pottery thing - did you go to the one in the Duxbury/Hanover area? I gor invited to one down there, but I couldn't make it. Nice to hear that it was a good time. :)

maryse said...

painting your own pottery sounds like fun although i'm not so sure how steady my hand would be. in highschool i took a pottery class -- that was fun and i think about giving it a go again -- glazing is awesome -- like dyeing yarn

claudia said...

Yay for Cammy!

I am just so excited to see you knitting with your own handspun and making something so marvelous. Well done!

mf said...

They look AWESOME! I like grays tooo.....;o))